The PlayStation Store Launches A Buy One Get One Free Offer

Is it me or is the PlayStation store fast becoming a digital version of DFS*? No sooner has one sale finished than another pops up, and this time they are offering BOGOF over a range of titles.

Now whilst that sounds like a good deal all the titles are full price, including the ancient ones like Watch Dogs. A quick check reveals that you could pick up both Until Dawn and The Order: 1886 on Amazon for less than the BOGOF deal on the store.


Participating ‘buy one, get one free’ titles:

Voucher code expires on 24 December 2015. To be eligible for this offer, you must (i) be a SEN account holder; and (ii) a resident of a SCEE region. Voucher code may only be used to obtain a 50% discount on a purchase of 2 applicable products on the PS4 system store and PlayStation®Store, and excludes out-of cart purchases and in-game commerce. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

Source: EU PS Blog

*Darley Dale, Evesham, Droitwitch, Manchester



  1. Not sure it’s for me, but nevertheless, nice to see a different approach to digital sales.

  2. And they’re all £44.99 each, or £22.49 each if you buy two. (Ok, there’s a missing half penny there, but such things don’t exist these days)

    A lot of those games are around £18 on Amazon. It’s also technically possible to buy 2 of them on Amazon for less than the £22.49 deal price.

    If you really wanted to spend £44.99, and didn’t really care what games you got, you could buy 3 games on Amazon, and probably have enough left to get a £5 PSN code from them too, maybe for some DLC for your collection of dubious games.

    Sony have been doing reasonably well lately with the sales, but this just seems like they’re not even trying.

  3. Saints Row re-elected with Gat out of hell is €15.99/£13.50 in Argos. Until Dawn is€29.99/£19.99 in Smyths Toys.

    • The best one I found was LEGO Hobbit – £11.85 at ShopTo and £44.99 on the PS Store!! Also, I’m pretty sure you could get it cheaper than £11.85 if you have Silver or Gold membership.

      I know it’s 2 for 1 but it kinda doesn’t count when you put all the prices up before this “sale”. Naughty Sony.

      • Lego Hobbit is £10 on Amazon. Next cheapest I found there was Rabbids Invasion for £12.49.

        Which makes 2 games for the same price as each of them costs in this so-called offer.

    • So you are shopping around many stores and comparing it to one store.

      Congrats, want to constantly update us when Amazon is charging more than Argos?

      Want to tell us when Sony is cheaper, just got balance? Of course not. I have bought many games from psn, and the price is cheaper than most other places. People forget those times, just complain when it’s not cheaper

      • Slightly angry response, no? They were just stating (rightly) that this is a pretty poor deal when you look at it.

        Plus, I have never once found a game cheaper on PSN than elsewhere. I’m based in the U.K though and that’s pretty much the norm.

      • I did say earlier that Sony have been doing quite well with sales lately. Got plenty of stuff for cheap.

        But in this case, everything is cheaper elsewhere, and in some cases half what it would cost in this sale.

        And obviously if it’s not on sale, you’d be foolish to buy anything direct from Sony if it was available on disc from anywhere else. It’s always more expensive on the PSN if it’s not in a sale.

      • @kjkg Well, if it wasn’t an angry response, they wouldn’t be living up to their name, would they? ;)

        However, I do have to agree with you that I have never personally seen a ‘full’ game on PSN that is cheaper than somewhere else that I can buy the damn thing in a box.

        … Yes, I still prefer things that sit in boxes on my shelf, nagging me to play them.

        The only things that I have gotten cheaper in terms of ‘full’ games would be stuff given away on plus (which in most cases, I wouldn’t have bought anyway). I have gotten a few PSN games for decent prices, but never a game that has been released outside of the store.

      • I’m the opposite, prefer digital. Discs are a legacy nuisance.

        Think about ps5 when you have ps4 game purchases against your psn account and able to play them. Your £3 dodc tradein doesn’t seem like such a great deal then.

        I also don’t like disc wear and discs swapping hassle.

      • Bit salty?

        PSN is rarely cheaper than disk anyway. Plus what resale value does digital have, even if it was cheaper?

      • Wow, getting a bit upset over nothing aren’t we. Not sure why you’ve got such an attitude. I was trying to be informative above anything else, as some people might not know the cost elsewhere. The argument is about pricing, not digital over physical so no need to be so defensive about digital content.

        Also, I very much doubt PSN is cheaper than “most” other places.

  4. Maybe the could do interest free until 2017.

    • Perhaps moving to a “trade” option from 2020 onwards where you can donate a fully working internal organ of your choosing to cover the cost of a couple of season passes. :-)

      • A *couple* of season passes Mike? Don’t get ahead of yourself!

  5. Absolutely no value at all.

    I did recently swap from the convenience of digital to disc only after buying Blops3 and regretting it badly.

    Now I’ll only buy from retailers.

  6. that’s not such a great offer when you realise they jacked up the prices of some of the games just before this offer.

    i’m pretty sure if a retail store did this it would be illegal, but since it’s digital, i guess they can get away with it.
    hell, they got away with charging vat for years without paying it.

    and people wonder why i hate scee.

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