Community Chronicle: 13/12/15

If you were looking for your weekly dose of community quotes and achievements this time last week, then you will have been disappointed…. because I didn’t compile a Community Chronicle! It’s been seasonably busy, and I didn’t get around to it, let alone ask Gazza to step into my boots for me.

So without much further ado, onward to the Hot Topics.


In the wake of PlayStation Experience, it’s been a rather subdued week of news. One of the biggest holdovers is from the unveiling of Final Fantasy VII Remake, and the revelations that it would be switching to a more action oriented combat system and be delivered in several episodic parts.

You can practically hear the eyes rolling out of MrYd’s sockets and across the floor, as he wrote:

Yes. That’s exactly what we wanted. That and turning it into an action RPG instead of a turn based one. (Although it looks like it might be somewhere between the two)

I’m going to spend the next however many years until it’s released sarcastically taking the piss out of Squeenix. And then wait until all the episodes are released. And buy it in a sale. And probably regret it.

TSBonyman was a little taken aback as well, but saw the positives, saying, “Maybe it could work if it’s designed so that players can continue to grind and level up within an episode whilst waiting for the next one to arrive, but it still just sounds less than ideal.”

Cam_manutd was probably onto something when he talked about splitting the game up into the original’s three discs:

This could work but its dependent on some things. If it goes on the telltale structure it will fail. If it goes in structure in the same way as the original by the discs, it will work depending on how much added content there is once the player reaches the end of that story arc.

However, colmshan1990 was much less conciliatory, as he said, “Mind you, the episodic content isn’t half as concerning as ripping out the core gameplay and replacing with the same tiresome crap seen in the recent games.”

‘Tis the season to be really critical of sale prices, and sales on the PlayStation Store bore the brunt of that, as they unveiled a BOGOF offer focussed on some slightly older games – their 12 Deals of Christmas have been more competitive, thankfully.

MrYd said, “A lot of those games are around £18 on Amazon. It’s also technically possible to buy 2 of them on Amazon for less than the £22.49 deal price,” and though much less analytical, Avenger quipped, “Maybe the could do interest free until 2017?”

It’s another straw on the already collapsed donkey for Dazbobaby, who said, “I did recently swap from the convenience of digital to disc only after buying Black Ops 3 and regretting it badly. Now I’ll only buy from retailers.”

Finally, Hazelam wrote that it’s “not such a great offer when you realise they jacked up the prices of some of the games just before this offer.

“I’m pretty sure if a retail store did this it would be illegal, but since it’s digital, I guess they can get away with it. Hell, they got away with charging VAT for years without paying it. And people wonder why I hate SCEE.”

In other words, knock another few quid off the top and you might have a deal, Sony… but probably not.


Sticking with this week’s deeds, as opposed to trying to sum up a fortnight, Kennykazey kicks things off by finishing The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, which he enjoyed, even if it lost some lustre after Phantom Hourglass and the train driving bits.

DividSmythe grabbed his 60th platinum (which was his new year’s resolution for this year) with Grand Theft Auto V, before going past that figure with Grim Fandango Remastered. Lyts1985 is also on the cusp of a similar milestone, with Game of Thrones becoming his 49th platinum, and the days of playtime adding up in Fallout 4.

Both Divid and Kenny have been enjoying the Uncharted remasters, as well, but it’s Eldave0 who’s been busy grabbing trophies. You can check the Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune platinum of the list, Uncharted 2’s probably been done by now as well.

Forrest_01‘s had a good week, breaching the 310 light level in Destiny, as well as finally getting round to grabbing the platinum for Watch Dogs. As it happens, he’s enjoyed the ending to the point where he might hop into the Bad Blood DLC.

R1MJAW’s also kept up his trophy collecting antics, as he stepped back in time with the PlayStation 4’s new PlayStation 2 emulation in order to play Dark Cloud, getting the platinum along the way. He’s also finished collectible hunting in Dying Light and secured his 145th platinum.

A inferior race is back this week with the latest update to the 2015 trophy leaderboard. Head over to page 2 to see what it’s all about and how you can be counted.

Aside from that, I leave you on this page with the usual submission form.

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  1. No mentioning of my Fallout 4 Platinum no.265? Why you no like me Tef? :'(
    The tagline has said it all for me nevermind last week =P

    • Probably because you’re not platinum hunting anymore Del, so your latest one must be a lie ;)

      • Damn you got me. Here is another lie Murdered Soul Suspect Platinum no. 266
        Going to install Just Cause 3 now xD

      • Nice! Well, your effortless attainment of platinums whilst not platinum hunting is very impressive.

  2. After nothing from me last time, and nothing the week before because I was on the naughty step after BoobGate, my sarcastic rant about Squeenix gets it’s own little grey box.

    I’m happy now.

    And my Game of Thrones platinum was only my 40th. Did everyone buy it for a silly price the other week?

    • And I might as well add a little reminder that we’ve got a TSA community you can have great fun struggling to find on the PS4. Or pop me a message (my PSN ID is MrYd, obviously ;)

      We’re up to 181 of us now. And many, many pictures of skellingtons. So many skellingtons.

      I can’t remember why though. It might have been my fault, but it’s definitely a thing now.

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