Watch An Hour Of Sculpting In Media Molecule’s Dreams

Media Molecule’s Emilie, John, Peter, and Naomi held a community streaming session recently and spent an hour taking requests for things to be sculpted in the forthcoming game Dreams.

You cant watch the results in the video below, I must admit it looks rather fiddly to me but Teflon thinks it looks great. What is your opinion? Let us know the comments.

Source: YouTube



  1. And that’s me out. Nice idea but I’m guessing it’ll become pretty boring after not too long.

  2. It seems quite accessible, you can use pre-made objects or delve into the deep toolset. I could see myself spending some time with it but i’m more interested in seeing what the real artists, modelers and animators of the gaming community can do with it.
    The gaming aspect itself still seems a bit of a stretch though. Mini-games perhaps and interactive stories but it could end up being quite laborious.

  3. I think that MM very quickly need to start showing their audience the actual point of the ‘game’ else the target audience and those more on the periphery will continue to look elsewhere.

    • I agree, all I’ve seen here is an hour of faffing with an imprecise 3D modeller which doesn’t have any of the charm or quick reward of Little Big Planet’s creation mode.

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