The Ninth 12 Deals Of Christmas Are Star Wars Battlefront And GTAV

In a cunning move the latest deal in Sony’s Christmas promotion is Star Wars Battlefront, which is now £36.84 / €46.89, slightly cheaper than Amazon and perfectly priced for those on a Star Wars high after seeing the movie.

But wait, there’s more, if you the the final person in the world who has still not bought Grand Theft Auto V then you are in luck as that also had a price cut. Pick up the game for £29,99 / €34.99, again slightly cheaper than Amazon.

Grand Theft Auto V is only on sale until 11.59pm on 18th December, Battlefront is on sale until Boxing Day so EA can hoover up as many post-movie sales as possible.

Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)
Was €69.99
Now €34.99 (until 11.59pm on 18th December)

And that’s not all – we have an additional deal going live today too, running until 26th December:

Star Wars Battlefront
Was €69.99
Now €46.89

Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition
Was €79.99
Now €53.59

Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition
Was €129.98
Now €97.49

Source: EU PS Blog


  1. Tempted for Star Wars but since 8t is online only. Digital is useless so need a disc when it is cheap and can trade it rather than delete it!

    • As long as you aren’t first in the line to moan that you have to buy the game again when it’s time for ps4 backwards compatibility on PS5

      Clearly a digital game is permanently associated to your account, a physical disc isn’t.

      • Yeah just like I can play all my digital PS3 games on the PS4. Oh wait.

      • Boom! *drops his mic*
        Don’t forget online servers will never last forever and no game would remaster online only game. They will make another Star Wars

  2. TC, Battlefront was on offer yesterday and will be until the 26th. I wondered if it was a Star Wars premiere based promotion but none of the other games seem to have discounts. I stumbled across a few other cracking offers in the store, none of which have been promoted or are easy to find!

    • Must have gone up early, according to the PS Blog Battlefront “going live today too” – at that was at 11.59pm on 16th.

      • Cheeky! I wonder if there are gonna be more gems appearing before Christmas? From what I’ve seen the offer prices mostly end on the 24th or 26th, so Christmas Eve might be a good day to do a sales trawl.

  3. Wish they’d reduced the season pass too. I know Santa is bringing me the game…can’t imagine a better Xmas game. Takes me back to being a kid haha

  4. Looks like I’m the final person in the world that doesn’t have GTA V yet. Mind you, I’ve only had a PS4 for 7 weeks or so.

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