All 4 App Now Available For UK PS4 Owners

Sony has confirmed that Channel 4‘s All 4 app is now available to download on the PS4, allowing the UK console owners to view shows from the channel. This includes boxsets of Peep Show and Humans, as well as exclusive content for the All 4 app. This content comes in the form of the US series Married At First Sight, and Channel 4 Short’s like Urban Explorers which will be available at a later date.


Here’s hoping that All 4 will be better than the old 4OD player, which always had some kind of trouble.

Source: PS Blog



  1. The old 4OD always used to make my PS3 crash then the hard drive would need to reformat itself. Bullshit eh?

    • Yeah, that happened to me the first few times I tried to load it up. After that I never touched it again.

  2. The old app was really bad. Unusable. This had better be good. However I am not holding my breath, ch4 have useless devs.

  3. The old app was rubbish, same goes for the ITV one, but this ones much slicker! I keep hearing Catastrophe is brilliant, anyone seen it?

  4. I used it this morn to watch Toast of London, both app and show were good.

    No registration needed, still a 18 accept and continue per play, but ads were bearable and quality sub HD but OK. At least it works!

  5. I wonder what took them so long considering ps3 had and xbox one has had since… Forever.

    Good it’s finally there though I suppose. Not that I watch a great deal of channel four, except maybe gogglebox

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