Old Screens From PlayStation Exclusive Agent Surface

Darren Charles, one of the developers who worked on Rockstar’s PlayStation exclusive Agent has posted a number of screens of the game which show that development had progressed and it wasn’t the vapourware many had thought.

The screens are from 2009/2010 and seem to show a town from a warm climate. According to to Darren’s website he is”not sure if this project will ever be published,” which seems to indicate the game has not been cancelled completely.


The screens match the art style in previous leaked screens.

Source: Reddit / Darren Charles



  1. It looks a wee bit dated now. I read that it was still in development about a year ago and apparently it was being envisioned as the next GTA, which sounds promising.

  2. Been reading about them from PSM magazines and really wanted that to happen!

  3. A cold war era GTA set in a 1960s Moscow, with an American secret agent protagonist would be beyond sick.

  4. It’s still listed on the Rockstar website, as a PS3 title.

  5. Rockstar need something new, this would be a great pick. Please make it PS4 exclusive and don’t constrain it by other consoles limitations.

  6. I’m still waiting for Rockstar to begin development on Red Dead Redemption 2

    • Being picky, but Read Dead Redemption was already the second game in the series.

      So the next will be the 3rd game, and following Revolver and Redemption I think it will be called something like:


      And I think R* confirmed they’re doing another one?

      • Pedantic or what?!

        You are right that it would be the third game in the series. But we want a sequel to Redemption, not revolver.

  7. It’s a shame Agent never came to be, I hope Rockstar bring the game out eventually.

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