Game Of The Year 2015: Best Downloadable Content

Love it or hate it, downloadable content is here to stay. Depending on your point of view and the game in question, DLC and season passes can either add hours of additional gameplay to a game you’re already hugely invested in, or it’s content that should have been included in the game and greedy publishers have ripped it out to fleece gamers.

Our finalists in this category aren’t the latter, with each of them adding value to the original game’s experience through meaningful additions. The final vote was so close that it went to a tie-breaker, with Splatoon’s content updates just missing out on getting the nod. Nintendo’s multiplayer shooter is a perfect example of DLC done right, with the regular addition of new levels, weapons and content keeping the experience fresh. The fact that each update was completely free was remarkable, and an example to other developers.


Our ultimate winner was the first paid DLC expansion to one of the biggest RPGs of the year, The Witcher 3. Hearts of Stone followed sixteen pieces of free content, and I think it’s safe to say that CD Projekt RED struck a fantastic balance between the two different outlooks. Of course, getting to continue Geralt’s story is the highlight, but there’s more of everything, from monster contracts to side-quests. It adds up to a great deal of new content to extend your time in the Northern Kingdoms.

For some the highlight will be the relationship between Geralt and Shani, and the further exploration of Geralt himself that players found most memorable, or it might have been the central tale centred around the Man of Glass and the immortal Olgierd. Either way, Hearts of Stone shows you more, not only of the type of action you’ve come to love, but also the world itself and Geralt, who you likely see in a new light after playing.

In many ways Hearts of Stone may even surpass the original game, with it’s shorter runtime condensing the experience into a form that completely works, and through patches having dealt with many of the niggling technical faults the original game had. Either way, it is the epitome of amazing DLC that will hopefully continue when the next expansion – Blood and Wine – arrives in 2016.

Runners up in alphabetical order:

  • Destiny: The Taken King
  • Driveclub Bikes
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward
  • Splatoon Content Updates


  1. The only DLC I’ve played this year is Foxtales Never Alone. I really enjoyed Never Alone and Foxtales was a decent expansion. Hopefully not the last.

    I struggled to get into Witcher 3 but I might go back at some point.

  2. Sounds great.

    I don’t actually own any of the DLC listed, my favourite DLC this year was probably the Drive Club seasom pass.

    I got The Witcher for Christmas, haven’t played it yet though. Should I buy the DLC before I start? Will it improve the main game or is it strictly a seperate post game thing?

    • You have to be around level 35 in Witcher 3 before you can tackle Hearts Of Stone. It is a completely separate story to the main campaign.

      • Alright, thanks.

        I think I’ll wait a while then. I’ve seen the limited edition box for the DLC around, think I’ll pick up that if I see it again. I’ve a lot of games to play with until that point thanks to Santa!

  3. Same as Colmshan here, Driveclub season pass was my main DLC but i’m also looking forward to picking up The Witcher expansions at some point.

  4. The DriveClub Bikes DLC needed to be in that list; what an utterly delightful surprise addition to the already fantastically supported game, post shaky release.

    • So as not to confuse, I know that it is in the list, I probably should have said “is rightfully” in the list….that’s what I meant anyways.

  5. Given that the rest are single premium DLC packs but Splatoon is rather a stream of free DLC I’m surprised GTA didn’t get atleast a mention.
    The DLC from that game has been immense, yet it never even gets acknowledged.

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