Podcast: The Year According To Mike Bithell

We’re almost at the end of this year’s run of Year According To podcasts now. We’ve got one more coming your way in a couple of days, but rounding out our collection of developer interviews this year is Mike Bithell, the man behind Thomas Was Alone and Volume.

Both of these games got a fair amount of time in our conversation, although that did lead to spoilers for the ending of Thomas Was Alone at about the 14 minute mark. Don’t worry, I warn you in the podcast too.

We also spent a little time talking about the future for Mike, from growing his business by hiring a COO to producing Volume: Coda for Playstation VR. I even got to make a pitch for Mike’s next game, which was a nice change of pace.

As with everyone else, I got Mike to pick out a few games from the year. I’m not sure I was expecting him to pick either of the games he did, but they’re both excellent choices. It’s also worth remembering that this series wasn’t recorded in order, which may make my surprise at his choices make more sense.

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  1. Ooh what a treat, looking forward to this! I’ve really enjoyed this series of podcasts, got Aran and Blaire’s to listen to before Mike’s yet but they’ve been excellent so far. Who knew game devs and journos could be so interesting.

  2. Another great one Kris. This made me immediately think about playing Thomas Was Alone again – the game that I think actually changed my mind about indie games in 180 degree.
    Still have to play Volume thou :(

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