AIPD To Release On PS4, Xbox One & PC January 29th

Blazing Badger has announced that its twin stick shooter AIPD will be releasing on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on January 29th. The game will be priced at €9.99 /$ 9.99 /£6.99, with a special physical edition for PC releasing for the price of €14.99. However this physical edition will be limited to Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.


AIPD stands for Artificial Intelligence Police Department, and the aim of the game is to hunt down criminal AI. Players will be able to do this using a number of different weapons, but the AI will react and evolve meaning you have to keep changing your approach to win. This results in a large variety of arena and enemy types to face off against. AIPD will feature four player local co-op and online leaderboards too.

Source: Press Release


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  1. I read the description first and then watched the video. The video just doesn’t seem to fit the premise that the player is a cop chasing down criminals, the video just looks like a straight twin stick shooter with no tie-in to criminal behaviour at all. Very odd.

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