DC Universe Online Coming To Xbox One This Spring

With Sony Online Entertainment no more, its successor – Daybreak Game Company – is looking to finally bring DC Universe Online to another platform. The announcement of an Xbox One version was made during yesterday’s celebrations, looking back on five years of the popular superhero MMO.


Due sometime this year, presumably within the next few months, it’s been a long wait for Xbox fans. There’s also some great news for existing fans on both PC and PlayStation 4 too with Daybreak confirming cross-platform functionality between the two versions. It’s a huge step forward and one that looks to cement the two player bases into a much larger whole.

At launch, I was admittedly obsessed with DC Universe, wowed not only by SOE’s commitment to the comic book license but also the fact that it was running on a console. Since then, with my critiquing skills having properly matured, it’s still one of my favourite MMOs despite the initial hyperbole. In the five years since launch, the team has continued to push out update after update as well as a string of content packs for new missions, weapon types, and super powers.

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle