Seaven Studio Confirms Inside My Radio Will Release January 19th For PS4

In June 2014 Seaven Studio announced Inside My Radio, a rhythm platformer where all player actions have to fit with the beat. While the game released on Steam in May 2015 news about the console version was thin on the ground. Today Seaven Studio has broken that silence and confirmed Inside My Radio will release on PS4 January 19th, and that PS Plus members will get a 20% launch discount.

Players control the character Taek who is trying to escape from a dying boombox. Through the journey Taek rescues other characters, who each inhabit a different track within the boombox, Players will have the chance to control the music too, tailoring the beats to how they want. Seaven Studio has confirmed that a Vita version isn’t out of the question, but the PS4 edition remains the priority for now.

Source: PS Blog

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