The Division Beta Starts At The End Of The Month

Ubisoft have got round to releasing the dates for the forthcoming The Division beta and it all kicks off at the end of this month. If you pre-order then you get guaranteed access, everyone else can sign up here.

The much trumpeted Xbox One exclusivity lasts an entire twenty four hours. Woo!



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  1. This game looks like it could be immense, I love the premise, just depends how well it’s delivered.
    Thanks for this article TC2, I’m signing up for that beta so I can use it as a demo!

  2. Great stuff, it’ll mean I can finally talk about the game without referring to the alpha. Should be a good second demo to confirm whether I want to get it on release or not.

  3. I’ve been so successful at being chosen for beta tests my lad thinks we test games for Sony. I haven’t the heart to tell him :)

  4. Thanks for the heads-up, i’ve joined the waiting list.

  5. Is that the shortest exclusivity period yet?! Bit pointless. Looking forward to the game though.

    • I’m pretty sure that there were similarly short beta exclusives last generation as well. Something like Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – if my memory serves – had a very brief PS3 exclusivity before they let Xbox 360 players in on the fun.

  6. lol at the exclusivity! Glad I’m no longer falling for that crap.

    Still somewhat annoying though that the beta will only last two days. At least my internet connection is now decent enough that it’ll download pretty quick but if I was still on 2-4Mbps it’d probably take the length of the beta just to download (The Crew beta certainly took long enough) so that sucks for anyone still stuck in the dark ages, esp. since there won’t be a pre-load to take away that pain.

    • It’s technically three days for PS4, presuming they start and end at midnight. The download I did in December was around 23GB, so expect somewhere in that region for the beta. Maybe 30GB max (I hope).

      • two, three, not much difference, particularly as it’ll probably be some obscure start time due to whichever timezone it’s being run from (PST probably, The Crew was IIRC). Either way you’ll just be getting into it and figuring stuff out and it’ll end…

        23GB though, on my old connection going full whack (like that ever happens with the PSN!) that would take a minimum 13.7 hours… so at least a sixth to a quarter of the beta run time, depending how long it actually runs for.

  7. Excellent will be putting in a preorder on amazon to get the beta. Would be interested in setting up a tsa squad if anyone is interested?


    Joking aside, really? MS? Really? It’s a Beta. It’s a day early. Makes little difference and no difference to most. Also, don’t spread the timed exclusive crap to Betas. BETAS are not demos. They are supposed to be used to test stuff.

    • I miss him ;p

      • You are a shill! Oh my god, i can’t believe the level of BIAS! Everyone knows that PG TIPs pays Blast71 to say that “I miss him”! YOU SHILLL!


    • Pmsl! As a matter of fact, I’ve picked-up 5 boxes of PG Tips this morning ;)

  9. Do you need PS plus to get the beta?

  10. So is this game similar in style to Destiny? Will there be a story and actual missions or are you just running around killing waves of bad guys with strangers online?

    The setup looks really interesting but if it’s just Destiny in New York, it wont be for me sadly.

    • Think Destiny, but a lot more in depth on the RPG side of things.

    • This preview video sums up the premise of the game very well. Not much more to add.

      • Thanks, I dont know why but I think I was expecting it to be a bit like I am Legend (the movie) meets The Last of Us meets Fallout 4.

        I liked the idea of being trapped in a quarantined New York and trying to survive as society falls apart. Joining other players and forming groups, building a base and gathering supplies to survive longer. Attacking other groups and stealing their gear or be open to attack yourself from other groups who are trying to survive. You could even betray your group, steal their supplies and use those supplies to join a stronger group. Or play as a lone wolf.

        I’ll probably still check this out at some point but I’m not 100% sold.

      • How they handle groups is going to be fairly big. If they leave it up to people, then it’ll just be like Destiny where unless you have friends to play with you’ll be by your own.

        One positive sign is you can instantly go to a person and send a group request. So if you land in a dark zone server and there’s a clan war going down, you can join in on the fun.

        I hope they nail it anyway. Everything ‘looks’ great so far.

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