Community Chronicle: 17/01/16

It’s been a strange week, hasn’t it? With a handful of beloved celebrities popping their clogs, and the sadness and eulogies that have followed. David Bowie and Alan Rickman’s presence in music and film will most certainly be missed.


The Hitman reboot seems to be going through a tough time in development, as Square Enix have once again changed how the game will be released. Instead of a split two part release, it will now be fully episodic, with each new location a separate episode.

A inferior race said the he’ll “probably just pick up the disc version when it’s all available.” To which SamBeThyName replied, “Yep, me too. Hitman just doesn’t feel like an episodic game. Maybe I’m wrong and that’s how we’ll get our games in the future, but it doesn’t really gel with the whole Netflix binge-ing way we have of consuming our entertainment.”

Avenger said, “Why do I get the sense that SE are going down the episodic route with everything. First FFVII, now this. Not sure I’d want these games delivered in a way befitting TellTale’s games. I suppose those who get the disc version later on will get a guaranteed working game and not some bug-ridden nonsense.”

It’s certainly an interesting experiment for a major game release, but will it succeed with the above sentiments? Forrest_01 said, “I am actually not sure how they feel this would benefit them – From the looks of things, the general consensus is ‘I’ll wait for a full release’, so you would have thought they might have done some market research to establish whether this was actually going to be an effective business model or not.”

Elsewhere, reports that PC shipments plummeted by 10% in Q4 of last year demonstrated that statistics such as these often need to come with a lot of context.

Adam Garrett said, “Makes sense. People don’t want to buy a full PC to browse Facebook. However this has as much relevancy to gaming as a wooden spoon. Who is buying PCs for gaming from Lenovo, HP, Asus etc? Absolutely no one.” He added that PC games were expected to match or beat console game sales last year.

Cam_manutd also said, “An interesting article. Shows that the ready made sector is dying. No surprises too. Some of those PCs are way way way overpriced considering what you can get when you build your own PC.

“PC gaming is growing again. Don’t agree with some of the negative comments. As some one who has a PS4 and gaming PC, it compliments the PS4 nicely. Its nice to play some games on both platforms like Rocket League or exclusively like Counterstrike or The Last Of Us.”

Meanwhile, leeroye gave us some insight into the broader PC industry:

A lot of this decline in PC sales could also be down to large companies not needing to upgrade PC’s so often. I work in a College and we have moved form a 4 year cycle to replace PC’s to 7 year. This year to save money we upgraded about 350 6 year old Dell PC’s with SSD drives and they are out performing the newer desktops we purchased 2 years ago. We plan on keeping them going for another 3 years at least.

I pulled the same trick with my eight year old Macbook Pro (one of those with a removable battery!), adding in an SSD which has helped me eke out a few extra years. I do need to upgrade it soon though…

Finally, Ubisoft announced the details of the beta programme for The Divison, which is set to kick off on Xbox One on January 28th, before opening for PS4 and PC gamers on the 29th. Of course, this was a much touted and advertised exclusivity period for Xbox, which turned out to be just 24 hours long…

Starman asked, “Is that the shortest exclusivity period yet?” And while I’m sure there have been similarly short exclusive betas last generation, I can’t quite remember the exact games.

Hornet1990 said, “Still somewhat annoying though that the beta will only last [three] days. At least my internet connection is now decent enough that it’ll download pretty quick but if I was still on 2-4Mbps it’d probably take the length of the beta just to download (The Crew beta certainly took long enough) so that sucks for anyone still stuck in the dark ages, esp. since there won’t be a pre-load to take away that pain.”

When you take into account Avenger saying that the alpha weighed in at around 23GB, some people will be struggling to get the game downloaded in time to even play the game!


R1MJAW spent a few hours playing co-op in Saints Row IV: Gat Out of Hell to grab the platinum trophy for one of the more outlandish games of the last few years, while his regular Borderlands buddy, pixel_nme, nabbed the platinum for Back to the Future and raced through the four already released episodes of Minecraft: Story Mode.

Avenger placed 25th out of 3000 players on the Can-Am Connection league in Forza 6, before completing the Gears of War campaign, which just leaves a few milestone online achievements to grab.

Andrewww finally played through The Last of Us, and while he enjoyed it, he walked away from the ending with mixed feelings. After his time with The Witcher 3, he has a sneaking suspicion that games just want to give him “bad” endings all the time…

Crazy_Del took the God of War 3 Remastered platinum this week, having found himself frustrated by a bug in Mad Max that prevented him from getting one of those needlessly time consuming collectable trophies…

At least someone had a good week, as JR. thoroughly enjoyed playing through the Call of Duty: Ghosts campaign. He even considers it the best he’s played yet, to the extent that he went and ordered Advanced Warfare right afterwards!

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  1. I actually have to revise my first impression of TLOU’s ending. It is very good, plays with the usual violence in video games in a way that makes you think about it. Cool, more mature than most games I’ve played.

    • I loved the ending. I remember doing a Vader NOOOOOOOO! when the credits started rolling because I didnt want it to end.

  2. Just finished Advanced Warfare tonight annnnd… I didnt think it was as good. Kevin Spacy was great but it didnt feel as polished or as fun to play as Ghosts did.

    Tbh I can take or leave COD. The last one I played prior to Ghosts was Modern Warefare (the first one) or World At War. Whichever came out last?

    I put off playing Ghosts for ages so I was surprised how much I enjoyed it when I finally gave it a shot.

    Black Ops 3 up next. Hopefully I’ll enjoy it as much as Ghosts.

    • After Advanced Warfare I think I’m done with COD. Ghosts was half decent but I haven’t *really* enjoyed a COD game since the MW days; I’m not a fan of the futuristic shooters at all, they just feel very meh and samey, and all the ludicrous bouncing around like Unreal Tournament just puts me off…

      AW was alright but not a patch on the CODs of yore

    • Blops 3 is a lot better game than AW in my opinion,far less people flying around like a plague of armed wasps.

    • Yep, I’m not a fan of the futuristic setting either. Last game I bought was Ghosts, and I’m looking forward to continuing the story later this year

  3. “There’s a starman waiting in the sky. He’d like to come and meet us, but he thinks he’d blow our minds”
    Sad indeed, another musical genious and icon taken prematurely who is probably living out the words of his songs.

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