Celebrate Killzone’s 15th Anniversary With A New Art Book

Dutch games journalist Arjan Terpstra and Cook & Becker have teamed up with Guerilla Games to create a rather posh art book that follows the design of Killzone from inception all the way through to Shadow Fall.

The print run will be limited to 1,000 copies and it’s a tad pricey at £94.49, but if you are a Killzone fan then it may tickle your fancy. The 208 page hardback book comes in a posh collectors case and also includes a hand-numbered fine art giclee print “Stahl Arms”.


You can pre-order the book here,



  1. Lmao! Next level nerd exploitation.

  2. Are you getting it Tuffcub?

  3. That’s twice the price, if not a bit more, than your average large artbook. But being a limited run, I don’t see them having any trouble selling it.

    Too pricey for me though.

  4. What’s more shocking is that it’s on its 15 anniversary, time flies so quick!

    KZ2 was definitely the best, the characters felt so weighty and at the time it really pushed the hardware harder than any other game.
    I’ve just flitted through some Google images of KZ2 in-game screenshots and I must say that it really does still look very good. I’m impressed.

    • Agreed with Killzone 2 loved that game to death and spent so many hours on that…. forget Google images…. to YOUTUBE!

  5. The non limited addition is £36, much more reasonable for my tastes. Also tempted. A dozen of my mates still play KZSF every Tuesday at 10pm, so if anyone wants some, add me on psn MrJimmy :D

  6. I was hoping for a killzone remaster, or at least killzone 2.
    Still my favourite multiplayer fps on any platform

  7. Killzone is still my my fave fps….even though I’ve yet to buy Shadow Falls (well…I’ve only just got a ps4). I was just Playing KZ2 late lastnight, love it to bits, not sure bout the book, much rather play the game

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