Republique To Release For PS4 On March 22nd

Camouflaj has revealed that its steatlh adventure title, Republique, will be release March 22nd on PS4, with that date also being the day that the final episode releases for PC and mobile devices. The story follows that of the character Hope as she tries to escape from the totalitarian state of Metamorphosis, with a lot inspiration for the game design taken from the likes of Metal Gear and Parasite Eve.


Republique’s control scheme had to be redone for the PS4 release, and that was one of the main barriers that had to be crossed to actually bring the game to the console. A new cover system had to be developed and touch friendly controls were remapped to the buttons, as Camouflaj felt it was the best move after testing different variants. Republique has voice work by the likes of Jennifer Hale and David Hayter too.

Republique will get both a digital and physical release, with a limited Contraband edition available for pre-order too, which includes the soundtrack and a 160 page book that gives details about Metamorphosis. However unless NIS America’s European store stocks that edition those in the UK and Europe won’t be able to buy it, due to the fact NIS America does not ship to PAL regions.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Liking the look of this. Love the music in the trailer.

  2. Looks ok. Terribly scripted cliche filled blurb by the devs dampens my interest though

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