Former Criterion Devs Three Field Entertainment Announce Dangerous Golf

This wasn’t what I was expecting when Three Fields kept on dropping hints that fans of Black and Burnout would like their new game, but they have a fine pedigree so it could be brilliant.

Available for download at the Xbox Store, PlayStation Store and Steam in May 2016, Dangerous Golf is described as an “irreverent, silly, fun approach to golf games that challenges players to break the rules and wreak havoc on more than 100 holes in four unexpected locations.”


“We wanted to mix the attitude of Burnout with the destruction of Black whilst setting the golf ball on fire — a nod to NBA Jam. This type of gameplay is part of our DNA, and something we think our fans will truly enjoy,” explains Alex Ward, Founder and Creative Director of Three Fields Entertainment.


Rather than play for the least number of shots, you are playing to get the highest score by causing the most destruction. “Destructive powers increases as the ball heats up,” says Alex, “Ensuring that the most elaborate shots are not only the most rewarded, but the most impressive to watch.”

Source: Press release


  1. We wanted a Burnout spiritual successor and we got golf. Terrific.

    Looks like tons of fun though.

  2. Sounds like my kind of golf game, just need a trophy for managing to hit the ball behind you and it’ll be perfect.

  3. Sound great, especially for local multiplayer (I hope that is included…)

  4. hd remasters of burnout 1-3 please! ;)

    • Well, if they were going to do that, they may as well do them all. Sure some people preferred some to others, but personally, I found a lot to enjoy in all of them.

      Granted, Paradise might not need a HD remaster (being that it was only last gen!), but truth is that even if they released that as it was with new (or even the same) trophies to earn, I would likely be back in a shot anyway!

      Burnout was awesome. Fact.

  5. In other news, this has me intrigued – A golf game where I get rewarded for being bad & wrecking the 19th hole? Yep, that’s probably for me. :)

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