LEGO Marvel’s Avengers Gets A Launch Trailer

This should be filed in News Snatch but as developers painstakingly recreated that ‘heroes battle as the camera spins’ bit from the last Avengers movie so well, it’s been upgraded to a full post. Plus, anything with Hawkeye being smacked round the head with a spade is full of win.


LEGO Marvel Avengers is out now on every current platform.

Source: YouTube



  1. Really cannot wait till Friday these games are awesome plus its one I can go through with my children.Just a shame on the character list there don’t seem to be any of the Inhumans who I’m a big fan of.

  2. Can’t wait. Hope it’s as good as Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

  3. I’ve managed to play some of the game and its pretty good so far. They’ve also added the films music which is cool.

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