Umbrella Corps Get Single Player Campaign, Release Date, And Price

Capcom’s Resident Evil spin off, Umbrella Corps, will launch on PC and PlayStation 4 this May for £24.99 / €29.99 / $29.99 as a digital download only. Supporting up to six players the game is focussed on multiplayer but it has also been revealed that there will be a single player campaign to tackle.

“The Experiment” single player mode uses the same maps as the multiplayer but with enemies that change per stage in over 20 missions. Unlike the main game you will not have access to the Zombie Jammer (a device that stops zombies attacking you, not an undead boombox that plays reggae) so you will have to fight your way through the decomposing masses.

Two new maps were also revealed, the village from the start of Resident Evil 4 with Ganados, and new take on the Tricell organization HQ from Resident Evil 5 complete with Cerberus dogs.

Source: Capcom


  1. not really a campaign as such,more of a single player horde mode?

  2. No.

    Resident Evil 6 was urgh…. at best. This is going to suck way harder. Why? because the gameplay is not suited for Resident Evil, it’s focused on MP and the SP is sure to be tacked on or just generic maps that barely serve as plot.

    Now, capcom, when people took the news about RE1 being remade(again) in HD, they were pleased. Same with RE:0 even though it is said that the game is just… err.. there. Just serving to exist. Now,Umbrella corps? That is a bad concept for this game. In fact, it sounds like it would be best used as an XCOM Clone.

    There needs to be a Resident Evil XCOM clone.

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