Curve Digital Reveal Stikbold A Multiplayer Dodgeball Adventure

Everyone loves a bit of dodgeball, whether it’s taking part in a sport that involves throwing balls at people as hard as you possibly can, or for those outside the US, shaking your head in bewilderment at how this is actually a thing.

Developed by Danish dev team Game Swing and published by Curve Digital, Stikbold throws off the shackles of the rules that you might know from the Dodgeball film, in favour of more freeform multiplayer nonsense.


There’s a solo and co-op story mode to play through, but the multiplayer allows for six players – up to four human and two AI – to drop into a circular arena, to try and grab the ball and hit an opponent with it, knocking them out of the game match.

These pitches are anything but static though, from public parks to oil rigs, and all with dangers like whales or camper vans to come in and add a chaotic streak to the match. It all has a charmingly colourful and blocky visual style, with a licensed 70s soundtrack to match.

Stikbold is coming out on PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime this spring.

Source: press release