Perfect Universe Launches February 26th On PC, April On PS4

Will Sykes has confirmed that Perfect Universe will be launching on February 26th on PC, priced at £6.99, with a PS4 release to follow in April. Excalibur will be publishing the game on both formats. Perfect Universe is a collection of games which are either single player or support local multiplayer. The single player options are called Perfect Moon, Moon Life, and Starlight.


Perfect Moon is a classic platformer where players have to combat against the gravitational pull of various planets, while trying to beat the level as fast as possible. Moon Life has you control a frog who is collecting stars, but you have to keep the frog in one piece too. Starlight is a thrust style game. The various multiplayer modes include moon golf, gravity dodge which is basically dodgeball, and a game which is essentially air hockey with rockets. There’s also rocket racing and a volleyball type style with the additional rule that the ball can cross from either side of net for a point as it travels around a planet.

Source: Gamasutra