Video: Hands On With Yarny’s Adventure In Unravel

With Unravel’s release less than a week away, EA have created a demo of sorts for EA Access and Origin Access subscribers, letting players get their hands on the first two levels tomorrow. Jim and I have both been able to sample this ahead of time, and so we dove in to discuss the first two levels, the adorable character of Yarny and the game’s puzzle platforming.

For fans of the written word, check out our preview from last night, and stay tuned for our review at the start of next week.



  1. Sorry, but if anyone is expecting some sort of wool-related punnery, i’m a frayed knot.

    • Careful or you’ll have everyone in stitches…

    • Good. Last thing I want is for your reply to pull the wool over my eyes, spinning all sorts of nonsense and preventing me from stitching together the pertinent threads of your point.

      Tef – I was unsure about watching the video but it was excellent. You and Jim were lovely to listen to and I felt that the video knitted together nicely. Also, interesting that the devs are happy for us to interpret what’s going on in the story of the game which avoids the well-worn spoiler comments on media sites and YouTube. Hopefully it’ll weave it’s own magic on me, come launch time.

    • I would have said more but Mike has sewn everything up ;)

      • *said in my best cockney accent* Stitched up loike a kippah. Good ‘n’ propah.

  2. I agree with bunimomike. All these recent TSA vids have been a really good watch. I find Teflon’s voice really easy to listen to especially. As for Unravel, I’m impressed with this game. Didn’t know it was out so soon. Hopefully it’s not too overpriced. Is there a physical release or just PSN do we know?

    • I’ll join up with Tef one day and we can baritone the whole thing for you. :-)

    • It’s €19.99, so probably £14.99 or thereabouts. Amazon have it listed as a download code so doesn’t seem to be a physical release.

  3. A bit confused about the 10 hour access and the first two levels. So can you play the first two levels for 10 hours or does the first two levels last 10 hours? And – any idea on how long the game is all-in-all?

    • 10 hour access isn’t necessarily on every game. In Unravel’s case, they just offer two levels instead of 10 hours early access (sensible, assuming the game could get completed within 10 hours).

      • Forgot to add the word ‘unrestricted’ access, as you still get 10 hours, but just with two levels.

  4. Of had my 2 levels with on EA Access. All I can say is I’m going to buy it on Ps4 and its good. I’ll wait for it to come free on EA Access on Xbox if want to play it again on there.

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