Watch The First Day Of Firewatch

Campo Santo, developers of PC and PlayStation adventure game, Firewatch, have revealed that it will cost $19.99 / £14.99 when it lands on the PlayStation Store next week, and PlayStation Plus members will get a 10% discount.

Campo Santo have previously said that there will be no VR version, and that has not changed – yet. “We have no plans to bring Firewatch to VR right now but we’re exploring VR! We like it a lot and will announce it if those plans change,” they say.

Source: YouTube / Campo Santo / Firewatch


  1. A little bit more expensive than I’d hoped considering it’s only about 6 hours long, but have been looking forward to it for ages so it’ll be a day-one purchase for me. Also a slight shame it only has 5 trophies (no platinum), and all are story related and cannot be missed!

  2. £15 sounds reasonable, depending on the length of the game? Not going to watch the video as I don’t want to spoil it!

    • Same here. Started watching it and thought “nope…don’t want to spoil it” so stopped it within moments of beginning. Hopefully this turns out to be a little gem in the 2016 landscape of gaming. :-)

  3. Didn’t know about this game. Looks good. Will keep an eye out for any future drop in price!

    • His hands look a bit dodgy though.

  4. Surprisingly low price, and a plus discount. Another one for next weeks shopping list!

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