Grand Kingdom Lands On PS4 And PS Vita This June

Spike Chunsoft and NIS America’s tactical RPG Grand Kingdom is being localised for the West and will land on PS4 and PS Vita on June 17th in Europe, and the 22nd in North America.

“You’ll be fighting on lane-based 2D levels where each unit acts in turn, but their turns play out as real-time movement limited by an Action Gauge similar to Valkyria Chronicles,” explains Jordan Vincent from NIS.


“Since each mercenary has their own character class which defines their base stats and the type of attacks they can use, you’ll need to be careful not only about how you use your mercenaries, but also about which mercenaries you pair together,” he adds.

The retail version of the PS4 game will also include a 32-page art book and 5-track music CD.

Source: EU PS Blog


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  1. The man behind the excellent Muramasa? A tactical RPG? With some gorgeous looking art? And by the looks of things, lots of complicated gameplay mechanics? And being published by NISA, so no weird/bad translations?

    It’s just aimed at me, isn’t it? And possibly about 7 other people.

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