Firewatch Video Review

It’s the summer of 1989, and Henry decides that he needs to get away from it all. A year after the Yellowstone fires, he latches onto the recruitment drive for people to head out to the watchtowers that lookout for fires across the national parks. It’s the start of an intriguing story which unfolds in a quite gorgeous setting, and I sat with Tuffcub for a spoiler free discussion of the game as it launches today.

For more on the game, be sure to also check out our written review here, which went live yesterday.


  1. This is the third video I’ve tried watching in the last few days and I just can’t do it. I really don’t want to spoil ANY of Firewatch. I’ve added this to my Watch Later list. Thanks in advance. :-)

    • There’s no story spoilers at all, I promise you. We even avoid talking about the form that the first ten minutes of the game takes, because it’s a very special moment. Obviously, if you want to avoid even some of the sights of the game, then fair enough.

      • Yep. For once, it wasn’t about the spoilers (or lack thereof). It was this overwhelming feeling of “I have to experience this for myself and not through a video”. Can’t wait! :-)

  2. It does look lovely, i’ll keep an eye out for a patch.

  3. I love the first act of the game, where you just wonder around, talk to Delilah, have a very relaxing time. But as the E3 trailer already showed, the story then shifts. And I was actually anticipating and waiting for it since the very beginning, but then dreaded it the moment it happened.

    I guess the whole situation is just a little bit too grounded – and what is said in the review – it just “makes sense”. It’s not supposed to be a big, Hollywood ending “with a bang”. It just is what it is – life.

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