2D Side-Scroller RPG Dex Announced For Consoles Including PS Vita

Right then, yet another new game announcement and this time it will be hitting PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and – hurrah – PlayStation Vita, with the console versions in Q1 this year and the Vita version a little later.


Our hero Dex is being pursued by corporate mercs, but does not know why, and has “a trio of hacktivists help her in her quest.”


  • Rare melding of realism and creative vision: Realistic action, mature storyline, and complex character interactions meld with hand-drawn characters, animations, and locations, arcade-style melee combat, and an original conception of cyberspace.
  •  Multiple solutions to problems: Operate in cyberspace or normal reality. Overcome obstacles using skills, weapons, special equipment…
  • Meaningful character progression choices: Will you be a silent assassin, a hacker, or a straightforward gunfighter? Improve your character and gear to unlock gameplay-changing upgrades that reinforce and customize your gameplay style.
  • Unique hacking mechanic: Transfer your consciousness to your avatar, overcome intrusion countermeasures, take action, and then return back to your body in a fraction of a real-time second to see the results – deactivated turrets, overloaded devices, enemies with crippled implants…
  • Neo-cyberpunk: Story deeply inspired by the cyberpunk novels of William Gibson and other classical cyberpunk authors, flavored with a contemporary concept of augmented reality.
  • Rich game world and mindful level design: Visit diverse locations in Harbor Prime, a futuristic city complete with luxurious skyscrapers, run-down shantytowns, and seedy red-light districts. Take part in street brawls, steal corporate data, overcome environmental hazards, and, of course, stay alive – no easy task.
  • Full voice acting: Interactive dialogues using hand-drawn sprite animations, fully voice-acted by professional actors.

Source: Press release



  1. Kinda looks like a 2D Deus Ex. Let’s hope its as good as that sounds. Cautiously excited for this one.

    • How can you be “cautiously excited”? Bit of an oxymoron isn’t it? :)

      • Are you calling me a moron??

      • He isn’t. It’s a term that can be applied to things like Cautiously excited? That or someone has put him in a foul mood by stealing his cuppa.

      • I’m betting on the latter.

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