[UPDATE] Firewatch Patched, More Improvements To Come

Hurrah! Firewatch got a small patch today clocking it at around 330mb with “a few small fixes”, and Campo Santo are working hard on other bugs and performance improvements.

FWIW, we’re currently talking to both Sony and Unity and we’re all working hard to to optimize performance of Firewatch on PS4.

It’s tricky, because it really requires all three partners working together to improve — it’s not something we can tackle on our own, unlike a game bug — but we’ll definitely continue to patch all platforms with every content and performance fix we can over time!

To summarize: we’re on it. :)

They will also be patching in new language options in the future. I’ve recorded a video of some of the bugs I’ve encountered and will be, ahem, firing it in the direction of Campo Santo so they know what to look for.

Just FYI, others are now reporting the game breaking bugs I encountered, here for example, so it’s not just me who had problems. They are also reporting the game crashing when loading, I only encountered that once.

UPDATE: From Campo Santo on Reddit

Couple’a updates. One is that we’re in pipe with SCEA to get a patch into the game but it’s like 99% strange content fixes we’ve found as lots of people play the game on PC. So that’s coming but we’re at the mercy of the console patch process.

“We’re super fucking bummed that this is happening for some people and we’re working actually, literally, around-the-clock on it,” they add.

Source: Twitter 1, 2, NeoGAF


  1. Good to know that they are aware of the issues and working on getting them fixed. I’ll be much happier picking it up when that’s done.

  2. I only encountered one issue when I played through it. When loading a new section, the screen went black and froze, so I just closed it down, reloaded my save and it was then fine. I really enjoyed the game :)

    • Similar story here. Had 1 lock up while changing area. Re-loaded and it was fine with no further issues. Quite enjoyed it. Made a change from shooting things.

      • Yeah I had that once, but only once.

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