Watch The Far Cry Primal 101 Trailer

Ubsioft have released a new trailer for Far Cry Primal which details the weapons and Beast Mode features found in the game. Unfortunately this is nothing to do with Transformers: Beast Wars, meh.

In the land of Oros, survival depends on your ability to not only learn and adapt, but also conquer those who seek to do you harm. A new Far Cry Primal gameplay trailer shows how you can do all of those things thanks to the rather large Stone Age arsenal Takkar – a skilled beast master driven to rebuild his life and his tribe – has at his disposal.

Clubs, arrows, and spears lay the foundation for Takkar’s weaponry, but add a little fire to the mix and each suddenly opens new doors for wreaking havoc on unsuspecting enemy tribes. Then there are the beasts. The new trailer shows how Takkar can befriend a number of intimidating Stone Age creatures that will both defend and attack.

Source: YouTube