Need For Speed And Quantum Break Confirmed For PC

A double dose of delight for PC owners as both Need for Speed and Quantum Break have been confirmed for the format. Need for Speed will support the teased Manual Transmission update along with an unlocked frame rate, 4K display, and support for various driving peripherals.


The Windows 10 version of Quantum Break will launch on April 5th alongside the Xbox One version, and anyone who pre-orders the console version will also get a free copy of the Windows game that supports cross-save. Certain retailers will also offer a free copy of Alan Wake and there will also be a new Xbox One bundle featuring a 500GB Cirrus White console and matching wireless controller.

Source: VG247 1/2



  1. Cross-buy/Cross-save for Quantum Break is quite good, as is bundling Alan Wake in via backwards compatibility. Enjoyed Alan Wake enough to want another playthrough, even if it did scare the shite out of me from beginning to end.

    The mechanics of NFS feel good enough that manual transmission and wheel support are an attractive prospect. I wonder if they’ll extend those features to the console versions or not.

  2. Manual transmission update? That sounds like a joke.

    Quantum Break looks quality, but Alan Wake is a bonus, never played and I’ve heard good things. But retailer exclusive?! Argh…

  3. Great about the Alan Wake stuff I also wanted to play that too. With Rocket League coming out next week I can see my Xbox is going to get played a lot now.

  4. Things like this make me wonder if windows 10 gaming is Microsoft’s backup plan if they leave the console business after this gen. It’s understandable but these x1/pc versions the xboxone is always inferior and therefore less attractive to buyers.

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