Dead Island Retro Revenge Outed By Ratings Board

Whilst Dead Island 2 appears to be, ahem, dead in the water, both the Australian and Brazilian rating boards have listed Dead Island Retro Revenge for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Deep Silver have yet to announce the game so all we know is that it will be rated M for Mature, and according to the Australian classification, Empty Clip Studios are working on the game. If that name doesn’t ring a bell the studio created the original game Symphony for PC and Mac, and also ported Auditorium HD to PlayStation 3.


Still doesn’t ring a bell, does it?

Source: Australian Classification Board, Brazilian Classification Board viaDestructoid



  1. So are we thinking remasters of the first two games for PS4 then? Or a pixelly 2D sidescroller or something?

    Stugling to think what might make it ‘retro’ tbh.

    • Would love a PS4 mash up of DI 1 and Riptide, actually.
      A pixel game, not so much. Very much not so much, as a matter of fact.

  2. What’s retro about it? Dead Island only came out a few years ago and well, it’s not retro. Hell, any PS3 is not retro. Even PS2 games are not retro and that is kinda the boundary atm. So, what is this?

    Oh hang….

    If it’s going to be a original Resident Evil clone then hell ******* yeah! Not the Resident Evil’s from 4 onwards but resident evil 1-3.

    If not then…

    It’s going to be a bloody hd collection isn’t it? DAMN IT! THIS IS NOT RETRO! JUST A POTENTIAL SHODDY REMASTER! DAMNIT!

  3. Maybe it could be retro in the nature of the setting/zombies? 80’s zombie fest?
    even some Classic Romero action? Shopping malls etc ;)

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