Podcast: Episode 210 – LEGO Avengers, Unravel & Firewatch

We’ve got a whole bundle of goodness for you in this week’s podcast! Although Kev was away, Lewis and I were joined by TSA’s Reviews Editor, Dom, to go over all of the week’s news.

From there it strayed into what we’ve been up to recently. Dom’s mostly been focussed on LEGO Avengers recently, which makes a nice break from playing LEGO Jurassic Park with his son for the thousandth time. He’s also been playing Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, although once you’re onto the fourth Ninja Storm I somehow question how “Ultimate” said storm really is.

Meanwhile Lewis has been dipping his toes into the twee platformer Unravel, and enjoying the unique visual stylings of Firewatch. Finally, comic talk makes a return from a long hiatus, as I talk about American Alien and Invincible Iron Man.

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  1. Any Firewatch spoilers in there? I’m towards the end of day 77, just need to know whether to hold off listening to the podcast until I’ve finished the game please. Really enjoying it, no bugs, very pretty. Who’d’ve thought a walking sim in the woods with a story told through walkie-talkies could be so good.

    • No spoilers. I hadn’t played much. Next week’s will have more info.

  2. I think a break in Assassin’s Creed is exactly what the studio need. The series lost it’s touch and became a moneymaking machine without “a souls”. I loved the Ezio trilogy, what is one of most memorable experiences on the last generation.

    The SF news is good, but anyway they can add a DLC that will be required for online competitive as it was with SFIV and its “multiple final versions”. I don’t see how making one game and contributing to DLC is much different then releasing them in new versions of the game.

    I’m shocked as well as Lewis. Amazon makes profits just now?! Damn.

    I haven’t played any of the LEGO games and I’ve heard so many great things about them. I really need to play them and it looks like a ideal adventure/platformer game to play with my wife.

    I would play Unravel if it only had a disc based release. Immediate buy for me then. Sounds exactly what I need on consoles.

    Same thing with Firewatch. Both games are like masterpieces of small games and it is a big shame that we don’t see normal releases of them.

    I stopped watching the Naruto series after they started resurrecting everyone. The series was a pain to watch because of the fillers, but it had something about it and at a time it just became 100% a pain to watch how much they stretch the series just to get more money. this is also why I didn’t get the games, because I think it would be weird to play them without knowing the anime series – just my thing :P

    You should all play Killer 7 and then talk about it. Great episode. Thanks.

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