Bethesda Reveal The First Wave Of Fallout 4 DLC, Increase Season Pass Price

When Bethesda unveiled Fallout 4 at E3 of last year, they also announced a season pass for DLC. Importantly, they sidestepped the stigma of doing this by quite clearly stating that they didn’t know what the season pass would entail, and were focussing purely on the main game at that time. With time to shift their focus since release, Bethesda have announced the first wave of DLC to come as part of this.

Starting in March, Automatron will release for £7.99, as Mechanist unleashes evil robots into the Commonwealth. You’ll be able to hunt them down and then build your own robot companions from the parts left over, some of whch could be new weapons like the lightning chain gun.


That’s followed by Wasteland Workshop in April – priced at £3.99 – which lets you set traps to capture live creatures, before taming them or setting them to fight against one another or against other settlers. It will also feature a bunch of new design options for your settlement.

May brings the biggest of the three announced expansions, with Far Harbor setting you back £19.99, as a new case for Valentine’s Detective Agency takes you to the mysterious new island of Far Harbor. There’s more radiation here, and so it’s a much wilder environment, but it’s also the largest new landmass that Bethesda have created in an add-on. It’s got new faction quests, settlements, creatures and dungeons for you to fight through.

However, these three are just the beginning, and Bethesda say they have more than £45 worth of adventures and expansions planned for 2016 – my simple maths tells me that there’s at least £13 currently unaccounted for. It’s because of this ballooning scope that Bethesda are raising the price of the season pass, similar to how Techland hiked up the price for Dying Light’s season pass when they realised how big The Following would be.

You can currently buy the Fallout 4 season pass for £24.99, but that price will rise on March 1st to £39.99. Regardless of when you buy it and for how much, you will recieve all of the £45 worth of DLC, so you have two week’s grace to get it for cheaper.

Beyond that, you can also sign up to closed beta tests for the DLC by registering for a account and applying, and they’re also still hard at work on the Creation Kit, which will bring mods to consoles. There’s also more patches in the pipeline, for things like weapon debris on PC and increased draw distances on console, and a complete overhaul of Survival Mode that forces you to worry about food, sleep, diseases and more.

Source: press release, Bethesda




  1. Another one suddenly increasing the price of the season pass? After Dying Light did it?

    I hope this isn’t going to become a thing now. Buy the season pass without knowing what it contains, or wait until later and pay more. Quite a bit more. Or buy it in that short window between revealing all the content and the price going up. Presumably they get a nice boost in sales for the game then as well. (Quick! Buy the game and the season pass before it costs more!)

    I think I’ll wait a while for the game and all the DLC to be bundled into one handy package and then come down in price. Something about this new practice annoys me a bit.

    • Unlike a lot of other DLC’s (as far as I am aware?), Fallout 3’s lot (& New Vegas perhaps?) have been discounted a number of times now, so there’s something to take from that I suppose.

      But yeah, I can’t say I am a fan of this whole DLC price hike thing that seems to be coming in now either. Buy season pass early, get it for less. Buy season pass when you actually have some idea of what that will entail & get a bit stung in the wallet. Moreso than others that were willing to take the plunge on an unknown at least anyway.

      I guess it’s that whole risk/reward thing when you look at it like that, but it still feels a bit ‘off’ to hear that something that should technically be planned from the outset is suddenly larger than they thought & we must now charge more. With Dying Light though, they were at least a big chunk through the creation of the DLC when they realised that.

      Do devs not plan out what they are planning on making anymore & then – god forbid – stick to that?

      Plus, this is Bethesda we are talking about here – Isn’t there that whole risk where it might just… not work (or properly at least)?

      • To be fair, Bethesda does have more then a piece of stick to work with. 8GB is sure to be easy for them to work with. If not, then Bethesda can’t code for anything with the word Play in.

    • You do love a bit of hyperbole, don’t you. :-) How can you describe it as being “sudden” when they announced it beforehand so people could go buy it at the old price if they want to. Not only that but they also make note of the date that it will be going up to so fans of the game can make an informed and educated decision. Bethesda are following that exact same model so it’s anything but sudden.

      Also, if they’ve fleshed-out the DLC (i.e. Dying Light’s The Following) to the point where they’ve put in more time and effort so they ultimately need to cover that expenditure, then a price increase seems fair if you’re getting good value for money.

      Anyone buying the season pass will understand the risks that entails, surely. :-\

      • “Buy it in the next 2 weeks before it goes up by 60%” counts as sudden.

        And “buy it before you really know what you’re getting, before the price goes up”? Nope. Bit of a crap idea, really.

        I’d rather wait until I’ve seen what you’re getting, and if it’s any good or not. But that means instead of taking a gamble on £25, you get to pay £40. More than the actual game costs at the moment.

        I’ve no problem with DLC or season passes in general. Just this whole desperate attempt to get more money now kind of sucks.

      • Sudden – occurring or done quickly and unexpectedly or without warning.

        You behave now! :-)

    • I think it’s good, rewards those super fans who take the plunge no matter what. And they’re being extra generous by giving you notice, and now you know exactly what you are getting in this first batch of content.

      Not getting it though :) I can’t justify spending 100+ hours completing all the quests in the main game.

  2. Isn’t the beast battle thing already a free mod on PC? How did that become paid DLC?

  3. So, it will cost the price of a game for a season pass?

    DUCK OFF! That is just being greedy and so far, it works out cheaper to get the damn DLC that will be released. Bethesda seems to do 3 lots of DLC so i wouldn’t be surprised if this is the case. Also, two of them sound like they are mod ideas. Why aren’t they being released as mods on PS4 and X1 if they have already been done?

    I bet this is disappointing due to well, modders kinda do it better then Bethesda. E.g. Hearthfire for Skyrim was house building. Limited and well, not much variety for houses. Any decent house mod? Beats it.

    On the plus side, it gives me a better reason to not pick up 4 until the GOTY edition when i get me PS4. It will happen this year or next, dammit!

  4. Perhaps the most amazing thing about this news for me is that DLC is getting a beta. First it was ‘exclusive’ beta tests, then beta tests for single player games, and now even DLC is getting a beta test. What’s the bet that future patches will get beta tests and there’ll be a 24 hour timed-exclusivity on it.

  5. I have spent a stupid amount of time on fallout since Xmas. Now that some of the actual content has been announced I have given in.

    Probably helped that I still had a Game voucher from Xmas to spend.

  6. I’ll wait for the complete edition then.

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