Xbox Live Sign In Issues Resolved [Updated]

Update: And just like that, Xbox Live’s issues are reportedly already resolved.


Xbox Live is having a few problems tonight, with Microsoft’s support site tracking issues on Xbox One with regard to signing into Xbox Live and with managing friends lists and tracking what friends are doing, with the most recent updates at 10PM GMT. So even if you can get online, you might not have much luck linking up with other players.


We don’t always catch when Xbox Live struggles, but the service also had downtime last Sunday, potentially ruining the online gaming plans of those with nothing else to do of a Valentine’s Day. It seems as though the service is having a few wobbles of late.

We’ll try to update this post once everything’s back to normal, but if you’re directly affected, you might want to keep an eye on and the @XboxSupport Twitter account.

Source: Xbox Support



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