Community Chronicle: 21/02/16

Things are getting pretty darn political, of late, with an end date now in sight to the seemingly endless war of words over whether or not the UK should remain part of the EU – replete with the horrible, horrible ‘Brexit’ and ‘Bremain’ portmanteaus – but also over in the US, where we’re getting an ever clearer picture of which particular distopian future we’ll be living in this time next year.

You know what? I think a President Trump would be a lot of fun. Well, for about a week.


There really hasn’t been too much of note in the gaming news, however, and so there’s been very few tongues wagging in the comments. Bethesda did unveil their Fallout 4 Season Pass, with the scope of what’s being added exceeding what they had originally valued it at, and causing them to announce a price hike for the start of March.

Despite the warning, it’s annoyed MrYd:

Another one suddenly increasing the price of the season pass? After Dying Light did it?

I hope this isn’t going to become a thing now. Buy the season pass without knowing what it contains, or wait until later and pay more. Quite a bit more. Or buy it in that short window between revealing all the content and the price going up. Presumably they get a nice boost in sales for the game then as well. (Quick! Buy the game and the season pass before it costs more!)

I think I’ll wait a while for the game and all the DLC to be bundled into one handy package and then come down in price. Something about this new practice annoys me a bit.

Forrest_01 agreed, saying, “I can’t say I am a fan of this whole DLC price hike thing that seems to be coming in now either. Buy season pass early, get it for less. Buy season pass when you actually have some idea of what that will entail & get a bit stung in the wallet. Moreso than others that were willing to take the plunge on an unknown at least anyway.”

On the other hand, beeje13 saw this situation in the opposite light, as he replied, “I think it’s good, rewards those super fans who take the plunge no matter what. And they’re being extra generous by giving you notice, and now you know exactly what you are getting in this first batch of content.”

Where do you stand? Was a two week warning enough? Should Bethesda have only announced a season pass when they could detail what was in it?

After surprising everyone with the announcement of a PC version of Quantum Break last week, a wrinkle in Microsoft’s plan is that the game will only be available for Windows 10 via the Windows Store, and so not via Steam.

Gazzagb said this is “One step forward, one step back. The Windows Store is terrible. Like, Games for Windows Live terrible.”

While that seems somewhat hyperbolic – your save isn’t irrevocably tied to your specific PC hardware and Windows install at that time, for example – it is true that it comes with a number of caveats.

Jim replied that “it has a lot to do with publishers (EA too) wanting to build their own PC ecosystems, even if that places an extra burden on their players.” Yet Severn2j says that’s moot, when “MS would make far more money by including it on Steam, than they would lose by giving a cut to them.”

A cynical stance from Avenger had him questioning if “anyone expecting anything else? I think most people knew it would be exclusive to the Windows Store given it’s a Windows 10 only game with various MS promotions.”

Personally, I can’t really blame Microsoft for looking to keep their game, a true Microsoft exclusive, tied to their particular platforms as much as possible. That the PC version of the game is being given away as a freebie to Xbox One pre-orders certainly tells me that this is a promotion to try and push PC gamers to upgrade to Windows 10, DirectX 12 and dabble with the Windows Store.


R1MJAW kicks things off by sharing that he found all the collectables and did his ‘no deaths’ runs through Unravel, in order to pick up the platinum for the game. DividSmythe joined him in the platforming genre, but picked up the platinum for Snoopy’s Adventure Time… both of them are entries on the TSA fastest platinum learderboards.

A different challenge entirely saw MrYd finish Disgaea 5’s story, but there’s plenty more to do before he’s truly finished with the game. He’s got plenty of grinding to do, in other words, and Carrot381‘s in a similar situation, as he’s saving up all his best gear in Tales of Zestiria for a New Game + run.

Ron_mchpatty nabbed his 17th platinum with Volume this week, praising Mike Bithell’s work in the process.

CR8ZYH0RSE finished off The Walking Dead Season 2, just in time for the Michonne mini series, and while tactical20 has been playing Tales from the Borderlands, his main accomplishment was finishing Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India and finishing the trilogy of games.

A inferior race has been busily tapping your latest trophies into his tables, and you can head over to page 2 to view the latest trophy leaderboard. Meanwhile, I leave you with the usual submissions form below:

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  1. Can you really use the words “truly finished with the game” and “Disgaea” in the same sentence? You never finish with them. Another one may come along and demand your attention instead. Or possibly you end up drooling in a corner rambling about exploding blue penguins and using the word “Dood” a lot.

    But you never finsh with them. They just let you play the next one eventually.

    I’m determined to get the platinium trophy this time though. And hopefully share another Terrible Trophy Screenshot with people. So many of those in my collection now.

  2. I very much doubt Trump would be fun, not even for a couple of days, and I seriously hope the world will not have to face that disaster, as there’s enough going wrong these days.

    • Can’t be any more disastrous than what Merkel has done in the EU.

      • I’m actually not a fan of Merkel at all, but compared to her, Trump seems like the ultimate self-destruction sequence.


      • It’s not them you have to fear – It’s the sentient hairpiece that he wears. He does its bidding & it doesn’t take kindly to losing or being made fun of.


  3. Looking forward to the intense scaremongering in the coming months. Im sure we’ll all die violently from Ebola if we vote ‘out’. Look at what happened in Scotland.

  4. Cameron’s ‘package’ doesn’t seem too bad, better than the rumours but this morning he was unable to explain the nuances of the deal. Also it wouldn’t be put into place until the September EU summit -AFTER- the June referendum. What’s to stop them being watered down? Also the ECJ could rule it as unlawful.

    I haven’t made up my mind yet, but leaning towards Leave. I like Europe but the EU is pathetic, along with the Eurozone and ECJ. But there’s no certainty of being able to access the single market, and if we do we’ll have to pay for it.

  5. Well, I have to say that I had a pretty productive weekend gaming wise. Finished off Need For Speed for the platinum on Friday. Then finished off Dying Light for its platinum on Saturday. I then moved on to getting a little further through Batman Arkham Knights trophies, moving towards the end game & freeing a certain burglar from a certain person who may or may not like puzzles.

    Of course getting platinums is nice, but the main point of this was ‘Project: HDD Space’ – I have Fallout 4, Mad Max & Gravity Rush Remastered (among others) all sat awaiting to be played, but have had no real space up until now to install them. Happy to say that I managed to claw back 45GB over the weekend, so at least one of them can be started now.

    As I had already achieved what I had set out to do for the weekend, I took Sunday as a day of rest (why not? If it’s good enough for some imaginary being who floats in the sky, its good enough for me!) & kicked back with a bit of Guitar Hero live & a bit of Destiny Crucible for poops & chuckles in-between real world pursuits.

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