Podcast: Episode 211 – Deadpool, Firewatch & That Dragon, Cancer

Fans of Kev will be sad to know that he is, once again, missing from this week’s podcast. To be fair his excuse this week was rather good, as he suffered a power cut, somewhat limiting his podcasting options.

We did, however, have a guest in the form of my brother, Carl Lipscombe. Long time fans of the podcast will know him as Mini Mini Lipscombe, and he’s also the host of the Nerdface podcast.

As for his contributions to the podcast, he combined with Lewis to discuss Firewatch, and also helped me to relate our views on the new Deadpool film. As if that wasn’t enough, he went solo to discuss That Dragon, Cancer, while Lewis spent a little time on The Martian.

Finally, we of course had a look at the week’s news, mostly around the ZX Spectrum Vega+, and spent a little time answering your questions.


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    1. That Carl guy sounds really cool I think I’ll go an check everything he has ever done now.

    2. I haven’t seen the Spider Man movies, none of them, but I’m going to the cinema today to see Deadpool :D Please no spoilers!
      Russia and China get games like this :P
      Well if some people bought a console just for exclusives then I can imagine they are a bit cross. I’m also a console gamer only and I can imagine be a bit angry when a PS4 big exclusive would go to PC. Another thing is the price: is the price the same or is it as always much greater on consoles?
      Give me Firewatch on disc with box and stuff !
      The movie with Matt Damon sounds great, will watch it in the next days, but i’m going to the cinema to see Deadpool today :D Thank you for keeping the spoilers to a minimum.
      Holy shit I never want to play this game. Sounds too depressing for me. I like fun games :)
      Well this episode was different :D Hope to hear Carl more here.

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