5 Top Tips To Help Survive Far Cry Primal

With the launch of Far Cry Primal this week on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – sorry PC gamers, you’ll get your turn on March 1st – we’ve put together a handy bunch of tips to help you get ahead. As with previous entries in the series, there’s no right or wrong way to play them, but this this quick guide offers some friendly advice to get you started.

Of course, if you’re more interested in how the game plays and stacks up against earlier instalments you’ll want to head over to our review from earlier this week.


What’s The Best Skill Loadout?

Much like Far Cry 3 and 4, Primal boasts a fairly expansive progression system with plenty of skills to unlock. Where some of these can feel like very minor perks, others can have a noticeable impact on how you approach combat, navigation, and gathering resources. The main difference in Far Cry Primal is that many of these skills are tied to specific characters who you’ll encounter during the game’s story missions.

It’s worth unlocking them all as soon as possible, due to a handful of key skills that will no doubt come in handy while roaming the plains of Oros. Chief among these are the “Takedown” abilities which allow you kill unsuspecting enemies with a single button press or by simply jumping on them. Meanwhile, Jayma’s skills will help to improve your performance with the bow, increasing not only its stability but the efficiency with which arrows can be crafted.

With combat just about covered, you may want to invest some points into Sayla’a surveying perks, giving you a better look at the resources in your vicinity. Finally, a bit later into the game, you’ll want to expand your roster of tameable beasts, as well as Takkar’s health bar and his resistance to both fire and melee.

Make Resource Gathering A Breeze

A small tip, this one, but easily my favourite of the lot. As soon as you boot up Far Cry Primal make sure you disable the animations for resource gathering. It’s a real time saver, allowing you to sprint through Oros, harvesting everything at lightning speed.

Strange Beasts And Where To Find Them

Upgrading the huts in your settlement will require skins cut from a small selection of rare creatures. What’s frustrating about this is how, when, and where these beasts appear in the wilderness. A good place to start is by fast travelling to a point on the map that is already inhabited by common versions of that animal, say a wolf or wooly rhino. From here, you’ll need to switch on Takkar’s hunting sense and watch out for a scent. Unlike regular beasts, their rarer counterparts will leave a yellow trail behind them. Even during the very early stages of the game, it’s well worth looking out for their trails as it can save you a lot of hassle later on.


A Caveman’s Best Friend

In Far Cry Primal, your animal companion is kind of like a bonus weapon that can cut down enemies on its own. However, when selecting which beast to tame, make sure you scan the beast menu to view their numerous different perks, simply by pressing right on the D-pad to access it. Where doles can help save time with scavenging, the jaguar can kill targets silently and the bear will lure nearby foes by drawing aggro.

You’ll no doubt want to try them all yet one stands head and shoulders (and fangs) above the rest. Although only available after Far Cry Primal’s brief run of story mission, the bloodfang sabretooth should be every player’s go-to companion. Not only can this grizzled beast hold its own against most enemies, you can also ride it and bound across the rolling landscape of Oros at high speed.

Village People

Throughout Far Cry Primal, your deeds will see more and more Wenja arrive at your village. At first it seems like an arbitrary number, but there are some benefits. The key one here is being able to return to any campfire and access the Wenja reward stash. This will fill up with a semi-random assortment of resources, some of which (like rare skins and minerals) can be a real pain to get ahold of.

NSFW: If you’re looking for a different kind of “tip”, then we have that covered too. Click the link for some saucy, X-rated caveman content.



  1. I’ve been running around for 8 hours so far and barely done anything, lol! Wicked game. So funny sneaking up behind two cavemen mid-coitus and ramming a spear through their skulls.

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