Kill Cats In VR With Kittypocalypse

Evil kitties have invaded the islands and only you, yes you, can save the day by plonking two miniature LCD screens on your noggin and commanding massive guns to pulp the kitties to mush. That’s the premise of Kittypocalypse, a new game exclusively for VR headsets, with Oculus Rift launching this Spring and PlayStation VR and HTC Vive a little later in the year.

“Kittypocalypse is a deep, rewarding strategic defense game,” said creative director Bo Bennekov, of Danish studio Bolvërk Games. “It’s easy to learn, but will be devilishly hard to master. With Kittypocalypse you can soar high above the action, or immerse yourself eye to eye with the hordes of marauding kittens, seeing your weapons work and missiles flinging the kittens above your head.”

Source: Press release



  1. I guess the appeal will be in the gameplay.

  2. No.

  3. My mother always did say a good cat is a dead cat…

  4. Controversial to say the least, although a dog lover primarily and driver avidly avoiding bunnies crossing the roads in a twatty criss-cross fashion (they aren’t startled by the headlights the buggers are dancing :P) will always slow down to allow them to Marvin Gaye and get it on, could never condone this kitty genocide.

  5. THAT’S IT! I’m running for president of the Dogs and i will build a giant wall to keep those furry fiends out! Stupid cats with their miaowing and their kittens and their catness. Vote for Steven and I’ll make Dogs great again. (Warning: this is a joke. If you are going to attack me for doing a parody of a man called Tonald Crump, you are a rather nasty person and should be mauled by kittens. Paid for by the left and right foot of a man called Blob)

    • You Sir, have my vote…Godspeed!

      • I will make Dogs great again! They will pay for the wall that i will build to keep them out and i will never explain how i will get them to pay for the wall.

  6. Considering the fact that Cats are generally the most popular thing on the internet, it seems like a strange decision to make them a baddie in a game.

    Sure, cats most definitely have an evil streak (I know this as I have 4 myself & it has been evidenced in many an internet meme), but don’t think they deserve to be blasted by fricken lasers!

    Not entirely sure who this is aimed at tbh. :S

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