Pokémon Sun And Moon Leak Ahead Of Tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct

With this year the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon series, it would be silly for there not to be a new Pokémon game this year. So with a Pokémon oriented Nintendo Direct set for tomorrow afternoon – at 3PM GMT if you want to tune in – expectations of some big new announcements for the franchise were high. And now they’ve leaked early.

NerdLeaks are reporting on two new trademarks registered on European Market, Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon look set to be announced in tomorrow’s Direct. There’s even a pair of logos for the two versions:

Source: European Market (1, 2) via NerdLeaks



  1. It’s a shame it got leaked. The question now is if it’s a new generation or a continuation of Gen VI.

    • My guess would be that it’s a new generation, because you’ll be fighting on the surface of the sun and in the lowered gravity of the moon. The current Pokémon might struggle to cope with this revolutionary new setting.

      But I’m no Pokémon expert.

      • There was a brand new Pokemon leaked about two or three weeks ago, so my money is on a new generation (Gen 7)

      • That new Pokémon wasn’t leaked, but officially announced in Famitsu.

        I just hope we regain the useful bottom screen functions we had on the DS games instead of the rubbish minigames in later games.

      • Ahh, it was an official announcement for the next Pokemon movie in CoroCoro via scans that I saw it. My mistake.

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