Resident Evils 4, 5, and 6 Are All Coming To PS4 And Xbox One

Take one Resident Evil in to the shower? Not me! I just want to wash my hair and go so… no this intro isn’t going to work. Sorry. Let’s start again.

Hey, you know what’s better than one shiny version of Resident Evil? Three of them, on your shiny new console!  What would make them really, really, special? How about releasing them in reverse order, so we get Resi 6 first, then 5, then 4. Because reasons.


Resident Evil 6 will be out in a month on 29th March and will cost £15.99, as will the other two games. They will also include previously released DLC, but there isn’t much chatter about visual upgrades and extra shiny things.

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  1. Lot of fond memories of re4 and 5. Not really played 6 that much and it isn’t that great either. But re5 at the time was fricking awesome. Played with a buddy, it was so good.

    Still. Instead of remastering every other resident evil apart from 2 and 3, why not a reboot? The series kinda needs it by now. Or bring back Dino crisis.

    • +1 for Dino Crisis, especially as dinosaur games are this generations zombie games.

  2. Ye…no. Just no. 4, i can understand. 5? er… ok. 6? OH HELLL NO! You did not just do that! it was crap. It’s a crap game that doesn’t know what it is. The kinda game that is dumb. The cheap kill, ammo limiting crap. Plot is crap. Gameplay is… i suppose, ok but 6 is the worst main game in the franchise. BOO! BOO! *throws biscuits at the screen*

    • why would waste biscuits? You absolute fiend!

      • They went to a good cause. Namely me throwing them at the screen.

        And Tuffcub, that’s a damn lie. We all know you often spend your share by rubbing it all over yourself. *shudders*

        Still, the point is RESIDENT EVIL 6 SUCKED! *lobs the mother of all giant cookies at the screen*

    • Wasting biscuits is punishable by death at TSA.

  3. “Because reasons.”

    *spews on horrid internet English*

    Good news for Resi fans outside of me vomiting. Unless they like vomiting. If so, good news all ’round! :-)

  4. I wouldn’t mind playing resi 5 again. I actually enjoyed it. Never played 4 and only done the beginning of 6 six.

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