The March PlayStation Plus Games Have Been Announced

Sony have revealed the March PlayStation Plus games and they are, uhm. Yeah. Let’s start with the good stuff, assuming you like PS4 remakes of side scrolling flash games that is, the winner of the PlayStation Plus Vote to Play, BroForce.

Also joining PlayStation Plus on PS4 is Galak-Z, a dimensional shooter, so it’s probably for the best that Assault Android Catus didn’t win else there would have been two shooters on the service. Wait, make that three as PlayStation 3 owners get Super Stardust HD, a game released in 2007.


PS3 owners can also pick the good, but again very, very old, The Last Guy, whilst Vita owners can grab the OK-ish Flame Over and the utterly rubbish Reality Fighters.

The reaction to the games has been less than complimentary on the PlayStation Blog, even more so than usual.

To recap, here is the full list.

You have Monday 29th to pick up this month’s offerings.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Already got the super stardust & the last guy, nothing else on the list interests me. Oh well, back to the backlog ;)

  2. Looks like the worst month ever. Apart from Super Stardust HD, but absolutely everyone, ever, has already got that, surely?

    • Yeah about that….I don’t.

      • I think you’re in a special club all on your own.

      • I don’t have it either.

      • I don’t either. Your not as alone as you thought.

      • See yd? I have my super special friends!

      • Yes, you’re all special.

        (Insert assorted articles of punctuation here to produce a crude representation of a face to indicate how that sentence was supposed to be taken. I’m not doing all the work for you lot!)

    • I’ve not got it either, but I’m not sure I feel like extending my backlog as far back as 2007…
      Mind you, I’ve only recently played the first Assassins Creed… ;o)

      • the club has just gained another member (albeit wonkey) i don’t have stardust either!

  3. I don’t tend to complain but that is woeful. Although I will say that the Last Guy was a great wee game.

  4. I’m hopeful. The gradual winding down of the PS3 content, or the cost of the PS3 content, can only be a good thing going forward for the PS4 offerings. Fingers crossed.

    Broforce looks interesting enough. I voted for Action Henk, but I believe it has a 30% PS+ discount at least so I’m tempted to buy.

  5. I had a feeling that Assault Android Catus wouldn’t win the vote……. I voted for it!

    • For the majority of people, the one they voted for didn’t win. The winning game only had 47% of the vote.

      And the voting thing will probably come back again in a few months and the wrong game will win again and most people won’t get what they wanted then either.

  6. Pathetic.

    • Don’t sit on the fence, tell us how you really feel ;)

  7. Ok I have to say now playstation Plus is really starting to flag Monthly games wise and Microsoft are starting to get the upper hand here.
    There two games next month are Lords of the fallen and Sherlock homlmes crime and punishment not to mention on 360 backwards compatability borderlands and supreme commander 2 thats 4 non-indie titles that all have a decent metric score.

    I would consider myself a PS fanboy and always have since early PS3 days and then onto the PS4 but I must say the xbox one is starting to win me over with its quality titles on live.

    Also look at the sale this weekend metro bundle £6.00 and saints row iv bundle £6.00 thats 4 games for £12 someones doing there homework(Customers want cheaper quality titles on the store)

    Night Out

    • PS+ had Borderlands years ago though.

      We also had that Sherlock Holmes game too, but that was the PS3 version which suffered from such a terrible framerate it was basically unplayable. I couldn’t get past the first case.

      Which isn’t to say the PS+ games for March aren’t shit, because they are.

      • I played Sherlock Holmes Crime & Punishment about a month ago (free from PS+) and platinumed it with no problems whatsoever.

      • I found it basically unplayable. Made me feel quite ill. Which never happens to me usually. I’m not one of those people that just has to hear the words “first person s*******” before I want to throw up.

    • I don’t think the XBL line-up has been officially confirmed yet (although the rumour comes from an apparently reliable source), but I do hope it’s true as I wasn’t a fan of February’s line-up.

      • Lords of the fallen would be cool however we have had demons souls in the past which I imagine is infinitely better.

        Both aren’t exactly stellar. Ps plus does do better doing stuff like rocket league and AAA stuff on Ps3.

      • major nelson confirmed the line up yesterday bud

      • Aye, just found that out on YouTube. Completely missed it yesterday. Good to know it’s true, I can’t wait to play the games. Definitely want to get my hands on Borderlands after enjoying the second game a lot with Blast71.

  8. Oh well, hopefully Galak-z will make up for the Bro farce.

  9. I’m usually patient with PS+ offerings but it would be nice to see launch-period titles starting to filter through more often. I assume they’re still making far too much money to be an option for PS+ at the moment. A shame for consumers but good for the developers.


    • Killzone ShadowFall still pops at the bottom of the UK sales charts now and then, as does Knack. Even so..

  10. A feeble attempt at this month’s offerings.

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