Postal Redux Announced For PS4 And PC

Developers of the controversial Postal series, Running With Scissors, have announced a remake of the original game coming to Steam this Spring and PlayStation 4 later in the year.

“Even with all the noise surrounding POSTAL, gamers focused on the experience, playing the game by the millions, giving it great user reviews and helping us not only survive, but flourish. POSTAL Redux is a love letter to our fans,” says Running With Scissors Founder Vince Desi.

Look at the game now it’s hard to see why the game series courted so much controversy (although Postal 2 is more nasty than it’s predecssor), the wholesome and lovely Lara Croft has more viscous kills than Postal Redux.
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  1. Postal 2 was hilarious shame its not this one lol

  2. Didn’t this die a very quiet death due to Postal III being rather crap?

    Also, GTA is much worse in terms of violence. I mean, we beat up hookers, take drugs, steal cars, set stuff on fire, sex, have sex in a burning car, beat people to death, run them over etc…. Wait, did i just say all of that?

    Damnit, Postal. You made me sound like a daily rag! Admittly, one that is not really crap but still.

    Hopefully, it won’t try to do what Hatred did. I wonder what that developer is up to nowadays?

    *sees their new project*

    Oh for fock’s sake. Really? REALLY? Goddamnit.

    Anyway, Postal should be fun.

    Unless it is banned for daring to be mindless violence even though mindless violence in games is the oldest type of gameplay of gaming since the days of Nintendo.

  3. Unfortunately, I kinda feel like this is one of those games that caused mass controversy back in the day (due to graphic violence, swearing or whatever), but now just won’t have the same effect. We have seen (& enjoyed) much worse.

    I should say though that in the days when this released, the most Lara did was provide a bit of tittilation whilst abusing Tigers. Huh, that actually sounds worse now that I write it! :D

    • To be fair, Tiger woods did have it coming.

      No? Anyone? No?

      God, i’m old. Damn young’uns and their whoever is the top pro in pro golf nowadays.

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