Play As An Introspective, Philosphical Fish In Koi

A PlayStation first here as Koi, the new title from Oasis Games, is the first game to be developed for PlayStation 4 from within China, in partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment Shanghai.

I’m sure you are aware that China has rather strict controls on the games that can be played and developed within the country so you won’t be surprised to hear that the game does not involve big guns, explosions and mass murder. Instead we get to play as a fish, one with a philosophical bent, who is on an introspective journey to “find happiness and peace of mind by bringing purity to a lotus pond.”


Sounds bonkers, I love it already.

“The game has puzzle solving and item collecting, with an eye toward bringing you, the player, to a calm and happy frame of mind as you restore the pond to its natural state,” explains Martho Ghariani from Oasis. “By guiding our koi hero, you can purify the underwater world as you navigate obstacles that block your path, solve puzzles, and open flowers to restore the water’s health. Accomplishing these seemingly small tasks can turn threats into beauty. A predator fish can turn back into a harmless friend and spiked branches that block your path can once again become healthy green leaves.”

Koi will be out this spring on PlayStation 4.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Certainly looks interesting.

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