What We Played #243: Pokémon, Far Cry Primal, & Rainbow Six: Siege

AWOOGA! Incoming weekend alert! By this point on a Friday you’re probably just making excessive cups of tea, scrolling through social media, and generally bunking off as you daydream of two glorious days off. Or of course you could still be working hard, and this is a gross disservice that I apologise for. Good for you.

Let’s have a ramble chat about this and that, or indeed about what you’ve been playing, because that’d be nice, and also it’ll bring you a few minutes closer to going home as long as your boss doesn’t catch you doing it.

Jim was the first to check in this week, and his didn’t get off to the best start having played Alekhine’s Gun for review, which let’s just say, he didn’t enjoy. While he can stomach a lot – and check out some of his previous reviews for confirmation of that – he had to draw the line somewhere, and blatantly ripping off Hitman 2 was the proverbial line in the sand, or perhaps choke mark the neck.

He also jumped back into The Witcher III, where he’s finally tackling the story after being sidelined by many, many distractions, and is juggling two future Warriors-style reviews with Hyrule Warriors Legends on the 3DS and Samurai Warriors 4: Empires filling up the word count each time he has to write the titles.

It’s been a quieter week for Dave this week, as he’s utterly fallen for Pokemon Blue all over again, though with the punishing ruleset he’s playing by there’s some genuine danger to proceedings, and he’s lost a couple of companions over the past seven days, with Nuzlocke and Spearow biting the big one. However, Wartortle, Pikachu, Digglet, Nidorina, Ratticate and Pidgeotto are leading the charge, and with three gym badges in hand things are going pretty well.

He did find the time for doing a review in the shape of Sadame, and he made a friend in the shape of a grizzly bear in Far Cry Primal. He even went so far as to name it Marylebone, though he pointed out that you don’t actually name creatures in the game, he just likes shouting at the screen!

Tef’s had a tough week as he’s learnt the punishment that Dark Souls III – more on this next week – is capable of dishing out. Despite having got into the swing of things with Bloodborne, his previous, slightly less impressive, Souls abilities have seemingly returned to the fore, but he’s sure he’ll get back into a consistent rhythm. I think he just needs to prepare to die. A lot.

Beyond that he’s also played a bit more PvZ: Garden Warfare 2, and Dying Light: The Following, but mostly he’s been drawn back to Rainbow Six: Siege whenever he’s had a spare thirty minutes. This is despite matches that plain and simple suck due to playing with randomers, but there’s something that just works for him.

Tuffcub had blast of clarity and dropped in with what he’d played, with a few mini, succinct reviews:

“Rocket League – late to the party I know, but loving it. BroForce – utter, utter shit. Finished Everbodys Gone to the Rapture – bit odd. Also been playing MUD – old Motorcross game – on Vita.”

Miguel has had a rough week so he’s only had time to waste money on Nintendo Badge Arcade and play some Swapquest on the Vita for a review. Which can only beggar the question – has he finished with Fire Emblem Fates and Street Fighter V already?!

I’ve had a hectic week really, fitting in reviews for The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD and Action Henk, contributing to our Pokemon feature – and I’m still playing Pokemon Red – as well as playing some Pokken Tournament for a double helping of those pocket monsters! Other than that, I briefly dabbled with the Playstation Plus offering Galak-Z and considered starting Fallout 4 before putting it back on the shelf for a future week that’s slightly less busy…



  1. Managed to get through Battlefield 4 and Tomb Raider: DE in the backlog, so that’s two games sorted.

    Played PvZ Garden Warfare for the first time earlier in the week and it was awesome stuff. I can definitely see myself investing in the second game having missed out on the first all this time.

    A third of the way through Pnuema: Breath of Life. It’s getting interesting, but some of the puzzles are a bit mind boggling. Started some Supreme Commander 2 as well.

    Last, but not least, I managed to complete the super difficult community bounty hunter on Forza 6 and bagged myself a limited 1977 Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Scored the prize by 0.002 seconds, netting a 827th finish out of 37,813 on the leaderboard. I think I like having the car more than using it lol.

    Next week could be anything. Really tempted by The Division, and I’ve managed to spot the Gold Edition at an all-time low price, so the decision rests on whether I want anything resembling a life for the next few months. Definitely want to get the Porsche expansion for Forza 6 though, so I’ll be playing lots of that either way with a bit of Borderlands 2 on the weekends with Blast71. I’ve managed to find some games cheap, so now I don’t have to renew PS+ anymore to access the backlog. Yay!

    • Managed to buy borderlands the presequel for £3.54 off amazon marketplace to add to my backlog, so that’s more looting & shooting to do but I’ll probably give it 6 months so I’m not all borderlanded-out ;)

      • Went and sold it a month ago because I couldn’t do it solo :o

        Two words.

        Bloody typical.

        I knew I shouldn’t have sold it lol. Mind you, I can probably buy it dirt cheap again!

    • By the time I get around to playing it you’ll be able to get it for £1.50 probably ;)

  2. Completed UC3. The Ship level was just a bit pointless and whilst it is excellent, it seems to be padding for what is really a shorter game. I mean, they do hide it well but it gave off the feeling of being in the game either to outdo the train level in 2 or padding. I mean, Drake literally ends up in the same city he was at. Troy Baker did a wonderful job though. Dude has talent. I mean, i was surprised to find out that he has been voicing Nolan North all along. :O

    I started Shadow of the Collossus HD and it’s a simple, interesting game. Feel like a right bastard for killing the collosi but it is simple if a bit boring at times. I mean, there is literally nothing else to do apart from find the collossus, kill it and repeat. Thankfully, the battles are interesting and varied. I had several “Oh shit” moments when i lost my grip. Up to the 6th one now and hopefully, will kill more in the next few days.

    OH GOD! WHAT HAVE I DONE!? *drowns sorrows in tea*

    Also started Hitman Absolution. I can see why it’s not liked by some. It’s not as open as Hitman Trilogy and well, action pieces are not really something that belongs in Hitman unless you cock up big time. Accidents are good. I’ve turned off everything in regards to instinct to make it a challenge and i will admit, the chiago level did piss me off a lot due to me not using a cop disguise. Pretty much went eff it and shot the three next the lift. Hope Hitman goes back to being a bit like Blood Money with the gameplay of Abosolution and more improvements. Gameplay is solid but point shooting is er… it’s useful but pointless. When i play Hitman, i kinda try to be a ghost. Hitman Blood Money, ifi recall correctly, i was good at.

    I’m more or less playing these two games(see above) until i turn 23 in a fortnight and then it’s Mass Effect 2! I need to order a new copy as my copy is bloody scratched with a small scratch and it causes audio to play up. Would get the trilogy but NOWHERE SELLS IT IN THE UK ONLINE FOR A DECENT PRICE! WHAT THE FECK!? Even Dragon Age Ultimate Edition wasn’t this big of a pain in the arse to get a hold off. Not setting up a US account just for Mass Effect. God, if i have to wait until i have better broadband to get ME1, i shall be mildly disgruntled.

    • Good job ME2 can be had for £3, or less. Also how did you manage to scratch a blu ray? They have some scratch proof coating don’t they? The las time I had a scratched game was PS2 era!

      ME1 is…quite different (not as good). If you have a current gen console there should be a remastered collection with all the dlc in time.

  3. Got my 11th platinum trophy, Far Cry Primal. Very much enjoyed it, apart from some of the caves, which were too disorientating.

    • Kudos on getting your 11th Platinum trophy bud.

  4. Still more Zestiria.

    Thought I’d give Flame Over a quick try on vita. Turned into a long try cos I’m find it very addictive.

    Wrote an email to Lego to tell them they were holding my internet access to ransom and that I considered it theft. :)

  5. Just Blops3, but I swear it’s getting worse lag wise, not to mention the increasing blatant cheating with lag switches which are so obvious on the ping trackers. Then the near constant double xp events which just exacerbate the lag problems by drawing in more players than the servers can handle.

    Dunno why I put myself through it, still, next week it’s The Division so that’s something to look forward to!

  6. More Borderlands Pre Sequel co-op with Forrest and Pixel.
    Lots more Diablo, trying a few new builds (leapquake barbarian and multishot demon hunter).
    Still doing Rayman daily/weekly challenges, should hopefully be finished in another 2 weeks or so.
    A bit of EDF 4.1.
    A few runs on Binding of Isaac, still patiently waiting for the Afterbirth dlc.
    Tried Broforce, deleted after about 10 minutes as it’s absolutely terrible.

  7. I’m working afternoons this weekend, grr. Been mostly played Luminocity on my phone. Absolutely beautiful and a very pleasant little point and click. Just a bit of Battlefront when the telly is free and the little ones are sleeping, I’m hoping to get to level 25 before Trackmania arrives in a couple of weeks!

  8. Finished Infamous Second Son, which I liked a lot, but in the end I had a clear preference which power to use throughout, the video thing, and that made variation dip a bit. Still, I found it was the best of the three, and it was just the right length, so that’s minus one backlog entry.
    Then I played some Driveclub, there’s so many cool races still waiting for me, and it’s still really good. Challenge-wise, Blast71 made clear again I somehow can’t get around those corners quite as fast as him, but it’s still fun trying to shave those milliseconds off.
    Downloaded Uncharted 4’s multiplayer, but I was too early and it didn’t work yet, will probably play that on the weekend, maybe some more SOMA.

  9. More Fallout 4, but i’ve removed the disc and replaced it with – The Book of Unwritten Tales 2, which i’m really enjoying. Gorgeous looking game with great characters and genuinely funny, i heartily recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the old point and click adventures like Monkey Island and Simon the Sorcerer etc.

    I also tried the plus content. Flame Over became Game over fairly quickly for me. I feel though that i now have an even greater appreciation for the work that firefighters do.

    Broforce – i quickly realised that death was going to be a frequent occurence but i managed to complete the first two lots of missions. I’m not sure if i’ll play any more of it but i haven’t deleted it yet either. It is a bit horrible and not only in terms of visuals but i can also see the attraction.

    Galak-Z, – I don’t like ‘thrust’ games, or rather i’m just not good at them. Even so, i found this game seemed to take it’s time to get going. I must have been flying for five minutes before i met the first enemies, and i probably lasted another minute after that before i died. So rogue-game or not, restarting the game didn’t hold any immediate appeal for me. I’ll give it one more go as i liked the cartoon-like presentation.

    Now back to BoUT2..

  10. I decided to dig the PS Vita out and give Legends of War a go.So for the last 5 days i’ve been busy in France leading Audie Murphy and his men around fighting the Nazies.It’s been a good little game and i managed to get the platinum trophy yesterday to finish it and i’m a bit gutted now it’s completed.So now i’m going to take up where i left off on Saints Row IV:Re-elected and get the platinum trophy for that.

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