The Division’s Gear Score System To Strengthen Agents After Level 30 Cap

According to The Divison’s game files, which were gone over by Reddit user ChristianRiesen, those who reach Level 30 will be able to make their agents better with something called Gear Score. This score will apparently determine how strong your Agent is, and just how much of a chance you stand in some of the more dangerous areas in the streets of virtual New York City. A recent comparison would be the Light system from Destiny.

All non vanity items will count towards the Gear Score, and you’ll be able to see other player’s scores next to their health bars. The better the average score the more success you should have in various areas, which will help with things like Supply Drops in Dark Zones. These supply drops will contain gear that can be equipped straight away rather than having to extract them, and these will occur multiple times a day.


A Challenge mode was also detailed and is said to be available after level 30 in various locations, though you’ll have to have completed the missions at least once in normal play. The enemy count will be balanced for four players, and enemies will be level 32. You can also share items with other players in your group by dropping the content so someone else can pick it up. There is a time limit to how long after you can trade an item, and it will be limited to those who were present in your group when the item was dropped.

The Division is out this week for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Reddit


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  1. Sounds similar to the light scoring system on Destiny.

    Let’s hope this doesn’t get linked to microtransactions.

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