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How Very British, People Are Queuing In The Division

It appears Ubisoft may have forgotten one important part of their MMO shooter, namely that a lot of people will be playing all at once. First we had reports of doorways that could be blocked by standing in them, thus stopping anyone else from progressing in the game, and now we have images of people queuing to talk to NPC’s.


“Are you f*cking real right now, The Division has no character pass through, so people are QUEUING to talk to an NPC,” tweets SuperBlueBadger
DIV2“I went in this morning and this is what I witnessed,” adds @EoinBlackwell from Huffington Post.

There are also reports of trolls grouping together and forming human walls around NPCs so players cannot talk to them and progress.

Source: Twitter


  1. That’s hilarious. Imagining people queuing up at midnight to buy the game and then having to queue up to play it. Taking realism in games too far… hahaha

  2. And they said PlayStation Home was dead.

  3. That’s one way to extend the campaign. Some decisions in games lately have made it seem like the developers learn nothing from past games. Capcom with their “oh, people rage quit on fighting games?” and now this.

    • There is a reason why you can walk through other characters in the hub areas of Destiny. Unfortunately for The Division the hub areas are attached to the play areas so it would be difficult to turn it off.

      • I’ve not played Destiny but Elder Scrolls online has npc’s in combat areas where any number of players can speak to them at the same time. There’s numerous simple ways they could avoid this.

      • The problem is that the persons are behind desks, and as you cant walk through other characters only three or so people can be with the area in which the can interact with the NPC. They could get rid of the desk and extend the interaction area, that would fix it.

      • Couldnt they just make anyone talking to an NPC fade out of the area temporarily? I mean, its a virtual world. Create multiple instances of the same area and distribute the players, so there is no more than, say 10 players at a time in the building.

  4. So British. Love it.

  5. I think it’s one of the few things that distinguishes mankind from animals, to be able to form a proper queue… :o)

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