News Snatch: Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, Pokémon Co-Master, And Adr1ft

I’m a bit broken this morning (urgh, Mondays) so just pretend there is something friendly and charming here. Done that? Good. On to the news from the back of the fridge etc. starting with a dev diary for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst.

Adr1ft is almost here and Digital Spy has had a preview in which Adam Orth explained, finally, how the game represents when he “f**ked up on the internet.”

“The game is actually about that,” he said. “The destroyed space station and everything is like a metaphor for what happened in my life and how I was feeling at the time. I was totally adrift and really thought I had ruined my career.”

Digital Spy praise the game to the heavens but do note it is “four hours long.”

Crytek have released Back to Dinosaur Island Part 2, for free, on Steam. You will need an Oculus Rift headset to play it.

Sony are reaching out to the those who lost their jobs when Lionhead closed, which is very nice of them.

Friday saw The Chuckle Brothers take on real life Hitman, and here are some other people having a go.

Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley is apparently being considered for the Tomb Raider movie reboot.
Eve Online now has a real world science thing that lets you help scientists understand protein function in human cells and gain in game goodies in the process.

The PlayStation 3 version of Amplitude should be landing in April.

First up, PS3 version: It’s done! We’re submitting it to Sony certification today. The certification and release process takes a couple weeks, but you’ll be able to get your Sixaxis controllers all up in Amplitude’s business in April. We’re hoping for early April, but I’ll let you know when we have a confirmed date locked down.

Go behind the scenes of the sounds of Destiny in this new video from Bungie.

The inaugural Call of Duty World League ‘Challenge Division’ live event ‘EGL Open’ take place, hosted at the Truman Brewery in London. With a total prize pool of $25,000 and World League points up for grabs, 32 teams competed to be crowned champions, and Team Infused were the winners. Well done them.
Pokémon Co-Master, a free-to-play game, is coming to iOS and Android in Japan.

And Finally, a hidden 3D mode has been discovered in Prison Architect. Now I really, really need some coffee.


  1. Daisy Ridley would be great at Lara I think, although I did think Angelina Jolie was good too.

  2. That real life Hitman setup was pretty cool, now that i can see past the bonkers inclusion of the Chuckle brothers.

  3. Er… Tuffcub, you already reported Chuckle Brothers being Hitman.

    I’ve actually met them once. Twas at a theatre in my youth and they don’t seemed to have aged to this very day! :O

    In terms of looks, i could see Daisy Ridley matching the new reboot version of Lara. The original? That was Angelia Jolie material. However, Daisy is too fat to be Lara. Wait, what am i saying? She is too fat? Sorry. I suddenly became a massive dick for no reason because she is not 100% skeleton.

    Seriously, why are people classed as fat if they happen to have a bit of meat on them? Stupid social media.

    Adrift being 4 hours long? I’ve read a preview on Eurogamer and yeah, the length suits the game. Any longer and it outstays it’s welcome. Mirrors Edge, surprised it’s not turned into Mirrorfield of Battleedge. EA, are you feeling ok?

    • ” Tuffcub, you already reported Chuckle Brothers being Hitman.”

      Yes, I know, which is why it says

      “Friday saw The Chuckle Brothers take on real life Hitman”

      before going on to mention the new video, which doesnt have Chuckle Brothers.

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