Firewatch Sells Over 500,000 Copies In First Month Of Release

Panic Inc has revealed that Campo Santo’s Firewatch has sold over 500,000 full priced copies during the first month of sale, and that Panic made its investment back within the first day. We already knew it was popular when it became the top selling game on PSN in February. Due to these figures Panic has confirmed that Firewatch is a sales success.

Panic also set up a fictional photo company for the game called Fotodome, and when players find a camera they can take pictures of the environment. Panic went one step further by allowing players to order prints of these pictures, and so far over 1000 sets of these have been bought. In total almost 215,000 photos have been taken and uploaded to the server.

Source: Panic Blog


  1. For a second there I thought Douglas Adams had written this news story.

  2. Good to hear, i missed the launch window discount as i picked up Unravel instead – and i’m playing SOMA atm and have also just bought the Vanishing of Ethan Carter on sale – so i’ll grab it the next time i spot a deal.

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