[UPDATE] Nikkei Reports That Nintendo Will End Wii U Production By End Of 2016

It isn’t a secret that Nintendo’s Wii U hasn’t quite got the same market share as its predecessor the Wii, with Nintendo’s own figures confirming its latest home console as sold 12.6 million units worldwide since its launch in November 2012. That averages out at 4.2 million Wii Us sold per year.  The Wii has sold 101.63 million units since it was first introduced. In fact to date the Wii U is one of Nintendo’s worst selling console, beaten by the N64, Gamecube, SNES and NES, Gameboy, DS, and 3DS.

Of course the others had been out longer but I doubt they’ve been selling in the droves over recent years.  Now as Nintendo gets closer to revealing the NX Nikkei is reporting the the company will be halting production on new Wii U consoles by the end of 2016. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the NX will be out this year, though that is the expected result.

UPDATE: “That’s [Nikkei’s report] not an official announcement. We plan to continue production through the rest of the year,” said Nintendo.

Source: Nikkei


  1. Can’t believe the wii U only came out 3 and a half years ago. Feels like 10.

  2. A shame, it has massive potential really, but it’s hardly surprising at this point. New releases are few and far between, 3rd party support is non existent, and Nintendo’s advertising has been appalling from the start. I love my Wii U but Nintendo have really let their supporters down this time.

    I just hope they’ve learnt their lesson and try a lot harder to be competitive with their next console. They were counting on riding on the original Wii’s success and it backfired, quickly.

  3. Just bought one and really enjoying it. Something I can play with the little one around. Whole family is enjoying yoshis whooly world.

    Quite funny watching a 4 year old interact and learn. Think it demonstrates how accessible the iPad is as she never needed any explaining and has been able to watch open Netflix etc.

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