News Snatch: Overwatch, Journey, Volume, And Final Fantasy XIV

Welcome one and all to our irregular round up of news that tried valiantly to make it to their own post, but stumbled and fell at the last hurdle and got dumped in News Snatch instead. Pity this news, for it tried so very hard, and we start with a new short documentary on what nowadays would be called a walking simulator, Journey.

Rugby Challenge 3 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox One and Microsoft Xbox 360 will be released on the 22nd April.

“Now with some great new features, we have the Rugby game fans have been sweating to play. We feel that all the thrills and excitement of top-flight Rugby have been truly recreated in Rugby Challenge 3.” said Tru Blu Managing Director, Sebastian Giompaolo. “A multitude of elements have been skilfully reworked, to ensure the fans get the best Rugby gaming experience.”

Red Dead Redemption 2 has popped up on on a chap’s profile on LinkedIn.

LEGO Dimensions continues to mash things up and the Midway pack is a bit different, rather than adding characters from a movie or TV show, it adds 20 classic games from Midway. They include Seven Twenty, Badlands, Blasteroids, Championship Sprint, Defender, Defender II, Gauntlet, Gauntlet II, KLAX, Joust, Joust 2, Marble Madness, Paperboy, Rampage, Road Blasters, Robron, Spyhunter, SuperSprint, Timber, Toobin, Cyberball, Vindicatorsand Xybots.

So far I have managed to avoid the temptations of LEGO Dimensions but Gauntlet and Defender may just make me push the buy button on Amazon.

If you are near any one the following stores you can go and get a hands on demo with the HTC Vive.

  • Currys PC World, Leeds (Birstall)
  • Currys PC World, Reading
  • Currys PC World, Tottenham Court Road
  • Overclockers UK, Newcastle-under-Lyme
  • Scan Computers International Ltd, Bolton

Time for another documentary (very highbrow this week isn’t it? I remember when it was knob gags as far as they eye could see), and this one celebrates twenty years of face munching in Resident Evil.

Limited Run games are adding Volume and YIIK: A Postmodern RPG to their catalogue and will be releasing physical copies of both.

Take a look behind the scenes of Final Fantasy XIV in this video from the developers.

ESL, the world’s largest esports company, are set to launch a Forza Motorsport 6 esports championships. The Race Off Pro Series is to be held alongside its ‘real’ ground-breaking electric-powered Formula E season: four online rounds will serve as a preview to the on-track action in Long Beach, Paris, Berlin and London.

Overwatch is getting a season of animated short films, here is the first and it’s rather good.

And Finally, visitors to Namco arcades in Japan can taste the delicious, refreshing flavours of crisp flavoured cola. Bluegh!


  1. i said it time and again, and, i’ve been proven right.

    the bullshit lie sony gave about licensing being what’s stopping them from giving Powers to plus subscribers outside the us, was just that, a bullshit lie.

    the truth was they never intended to let non american plus subscribers have it.
    well, maybe when they announced it originally at e3 they planned to do that, but that plan changed long before the series was ever aired.

    like i’ve been saying for the past year, the reason so few countries got it is because they were waiting for some other network to buy it.

    well a uk network has.

    but that still leaves most of the world missing out because sony are liars.

    even Canada doesn’t have it yet from what i can see.

    clearly, getting the playstation series powers as part of the plus subscription, is something only americans are worthy of according to sony.

    • my post on the eu ps blog, let’s see if showing them that what i say is out there even if they censor it, forces them to put up what i post.

      the comment i made yesterday got censored, and i didn’t repost what i wrote anywhere else.

      i’ll inform them of this post, and see how they react.


      not true, and i’m not talking about the 2015 thing, although that is also not true.

      like i’ve said all along, the reason we never got this series is not that lie about licensing, it was because sony were waiting for some other network to buy the show.
      only americans are worthy of getting what they were promised as far as sony are concerned, as has become clear to see time and time again.”

      i did think about some line about the blog being a fascist state, but why give them any excuse.

      • And what has this got to do with the news above? Sony won’t be reading your complaint here I’m afraid.

      • Because Tuffcub….

        *takes in a deep breath*

        WE ARE THE SIXTH AXIS! and naturally, Sony keeps close tabs on us to avoid any bad reviews of any PS related stuff.

        All hail Sony.

        Sponsered by Mountain Dew, Doritos and Sony’s Brain control mind chips.

      • not related to any of those items, but it’s news, might be of interest to playstation owners.

        and they might read it if i posted a link to my comment.


        hey, worked last time.

    • Apparently some folks couldn’t wait for Sony and just watched it online in the EU some time last year, i’m just saying..

      • oh, i tried, but here in the uk, they block those kind of sites, at least virgin media do.

        can you guess which isp i’m with? ^_^

  2. Rumours of not just Red Dead Redemption 2 but a PS4 version of Red Dead Redemption seem to be popping up all over the place this week. This is both (a) good news, and (b) about 1000 times more believable than that PS4.5 nonsense.

    It’d actually get me to buy a remaster of a game already own for once, obviously being the best PS3 game ever.

    • i was thinking when i read that story, the RDR2 one not the PS4.5, that if he wasn’t already a former Rockstar dev, he might have soon become a Former Rockstar dev.

      • If he was suddenly a former artist at Rockstar, would that not effectively count as an official announcement of the game?

        Seeing as it also lists him working on “Midnight Clu: Los Angleses”, all he needs to do is change that and remove the 2 from Red Dead Redemption and say “Sorry, I’m shit at typing!”. And then announce it at E3.

      • Hit the button too soon…

        Obviously that doesn’t apply when he’s already left them. Before anyone points that out.

      • yeah, that probably would pretty much count as an admission of accuracy.

        hadn’t considered that.

  3. Overwatch is the only game I have ever waited with this much excitement. I watch daily videos of it, on multiple YouTube channels. These animated shorts are finally what we always wanted – Blizzard doing an animation movie.

  4. Resident Evil 20 years old. From a corny game to the master of evil then becoming a bit rotten. I can’t play the original due to the cheesy voice acting and well, it’s aged badly.

    As for the films. They are shit. I hate them. They may as well call it “Resident Alice.” Because that’s what they are alll about because god forbid if the fecking characters from the fecking games do anything but no, let’s have our Mary Sue Alice kick ass and throw in random crap from the games to remind people it’s Resident Evil and let’s forget our own established facts because you are too dumb to remember it so why should we bother.

    Yeah, i hate the live action films. And this is a safe version of the rant. The NSFW is well, more sweary, more anger inducing and well, i basically turn into Asura from Asura’s Wrath. Feck Paul Anderson. Feck Milla. Feck the fecker that greenlights every goddamn film because the films are not about the fecking game. Just Anderson going “My wife is hot! SHE IS A BAD ASS! LOOK AT THE OTHERS! THEY ARE CRAP! SHE HAS TO SAVE THEM!”

    Also, why the feck did Retribution have Mortal Kombat’s X-ray move? Why? Just what the feck!? Why is Wesker suddenly good? Why are Las Plagas involved in the films when there is no cause for to be in and seems to imply that it’s related to the T-virus. Why did Nemesis get turned into something Alice could beat with her fists? Fecker required a nuke in the games! In the film? a fecking crashing helicopter. It’s fecking Nemesis! Dude shrugs off rockets, bullets and everything in Resident Evil 3. Unless you are Big Boss, you can not CQC Nemesis and i would believe that over the Mary Sue beating him in hand to hand combat! FOR FECK’S SAKE! Then Afterlife crapped itself. Chris is useless. Claire is brainwashed because hey, Resident Evil 5 did it with Jill. Jill shows up at the fecking end. The fecking excutioner is in it and god forbid Claire fecking does anything. Nope, Alice has to be the one to fecking end it. ALICE! ALICE! ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLIIIIIIIIIIIICEEEEEEE!


    *takes a deep breath*

    Woah, i really had some issues with the films. Didn’t intend to unleash fan rage.

    Erm… so, long story short. The films are shit. I hate them. Steven is prone to ranting about them.

    • I’m getting the impression you don’t like the resident evil films, though I may have misinterpreted what you said!

      • They are the new citzen kane. I am 100% serious. They are worthy of many awards. *eye starts to twitch*

  5. That was a poignant illustration of what Journey is about. I wonder if the bear-creature that the animator was working on in the video is related to their next project or just something he was mucking around with.

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