Mount & Blade: Warband Is Coming To PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

It’s only when you see that Mount & Blade: Warband was originally released on PC in 2010 that you think this is an unusual game to bring across to console. This is a fascinating sounding game which puts so many options at your fingertips in a sandbox RPG.

It has a fictional medieval setting, with the ability to just go in and try things out. You choose your own career path and your own goals in a world full of warring factions. The combat came in for a lot of praise, back at its original release, with plenty of weapons to choose from and realistic mounted combat. At the same time, there’s kingdom management, diplomacy, the ability to secure your inheritance by getting married, and a wealth of other options open to you.


To see it in action, you have to hunt down some old trailers from the original PC launch:

The game is out on PS4 and XBO in Q2 of this year, with TaleWorlds self publishing on digital platforms, but partnering with Koch Media for retail distribution. A prequel game for PC, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is also planned for a release this year, having been in development since 2012.

Source: press release



  1. Awesome, played hours and hours of this back when it launched.

  2. Absolutely awesome news

  3. Great news. I sunk ton loads of hours into this on PC. I’ve no doubt loads more people will get the same enjoyment from it on consoles. Highly recommend it!

  4. not played the PC version, i might give the console version a go though.

  5. Awesome! Played 282 hours on PC according to steam, this is a very unique and enjoyable game if you can look past the potato graphics (I’m assuming we won’t be able to mod this version).

    Is Bannerlord really a prequel? Seems kind of strange as there is no real storyline, only an endless sea of open world pillaging.

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