Trackmania Turbo European Pre-Order Issue To Be Resolved By Weekend

Trackmania Turbo was supposed to be released this week worldwide, but an issue with the game means that users in Europe still only have access to the free trial including those who pre-ordered the game. In a post today on the Ubisoft forums the company stated that it had found the issue that was keeping those who pre-ordered the game from getting full access. However, time is needed to fix it.

Ubisoft has removed the online time limitation from the Trackmania Turbo trial where players can use the Canyon Grand Drift environment, but a solid time for when the full game will be open to those who purchased remains unknown. The Ask PlayStation UK Twitter account did state that the full game should be available overnight.


However in follow up comments in reply to customers the account said it hoped Trackmania Turbo was running before the weekend. You can still purchase the game on the EU PSN, priced at £29.99, but I’d hold off until the all clear is given and Trackmania Turbo is running properly.

Source: Ubisoft/Twitter



  1. Huh, well that’s annoying… But not for me, my preorder came in the post today! Hopefully Nadeo are running the servers and have them rammed full already, I could only have a dozen or so ghosts visible when I played the old Trackmania games on my PC, now I’m looking forward to this 100 strong mess :) Roll on 11pm.

    • Really not impressed – normally a physical release buyer on PS4 but loved the beta and did my first digital pre-order. Well lesson learnt by this muck up, never again!

      • I’ve been tempted by the convenience of digital this gen, especially when the prices are sometimes comparible, but there’s been a couple of issues in the last year that has pushed me back to physical.
        Also, Apple have started removing stuff that I’ve paid for from the AppStore and I can never download it again, I’m sure the PlayStation Store and others will follow soon. In ten or fifteen years time I’d like the option of sticking a disc in an old console rather than staring slack-jawed at an empty download list and nothing to show for the money I’ve spent. I’m such a caveman!

      • @spartanstriker yes I’m the same I even stopped up after midnight, which is very rare while sober. I’m very angry still now but at least there was an apology issued.

        @ron Ps Store has silently took games down. Try and find Scott Pilgrim vs the World that was given away ‘free’ on Ps+. P.T. being the most famous really but I guess there’s a few more but I can’t recall at the moment.

      • I called Sony on 0203 538 2665, got a refund into my wallet then paid to unlock the full game. Cost me £3 but meant I could spend a few hours today playing this. Literally been waiting for years fo this franchise to come to consoles.

  2. This article is misleading. Only those who did the digital pre-order are locked to the trial version. If you were to go and buy it now, as I did last night, you get the full version.

  3. The pre orders are fixed now everybody!

    Jones_81 if anyone wants to add me for some friendly competition

    • I will! After all my physical preorder gloating Amazon have delivered the game to my old address. Bollocks :P

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